Dam Awesome

 |  August 29, 2013

There have been houseboats on Mae Ngad Dam for over 30 years, since the days of Kingfishers’ Cottage (if you are old enough to remember!) but nothing even comes close in sheer awesomeness to the new Mountain Float, which has been open for only a couple of months and is already booked up every weekend until nearly the end of the year.

Less than an hour’s drive from the city centre, upon arrival at Mae Ngad Dam, park your cars in the private covered space before being whizzed off, all windswept and fabulous, on a speedboat to your dam destination _ Mountain Float. 

The lovely staff hand out scented cold towels on arrival and then show you to the four exquisite ensuite rooms (each sleeping up to four), all of which open onto the wraparound deck, offering sweeping views of the still waters and embracing mountains. Colourful towels, a chilled coconut and flip flops are available at all times and if you take your iPod you can immediately plug it into the system and let the Bose sounds ooze throughout your floating palace. 

A delicious lunch is put on soon after arrival and then the afternoon is yours to do whatever you want: laze under the sun on the comfy sun loungers, read a book on a beanbag, sing on the _ gasp _ karaoke, or play! There are kayaks, sailboats for one, a giant floating trampoline and aqua-slide, an odd pogo-stick-on-water contraption, a massive zorb ball and a banana boat to be dragged by the speedboat. 

After a hard afternoon’s fun in the sun, why not grab a couple of beers and head to the floating lounge which seats up to eight people. With a table, soft seats and colourful cushions, you can paddle out into the sunset and, as the stars emerge, call for the speedboat to toe you back in time for dinner.

An extraordinarily generous and delicious assortment of Thai food is served in the elegant dining room or on a dining table under the stars…the choice is up to you. 

Far from the madding crowds _ popular Ekachai can be seen, but not heard, on a distant shore _ Mountain Float is an ideal getaway for a group of friends or a large family that enjoy being in the midst of nature, but with all the luxuries of a top resort. 

A 24-hour stay (you have to hire the entire Mountain Float, though the owners are in the process of building smaller bungalows for two and four people), including the use of all the toys, three meals _ plus cookie jar! _ soft drinks, aromatic coffee and speedboat transfer, will set you back 18,000 baht. The place sleeps 12-14 comfortably. Bring your own alcohol if you drink, but apart from that all you really need is your swimsuit and a toothbrush!

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