Curing Pain With The Quantum Resonance System

 |  March 2, 2018

Quantum Resonance System (QRS) is a cutting edge medical technology that uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate cells metabolism, increase oxygen assimilation and accelerate the removal of toxic chemicals and waste. Invented by German quantum physicist, this pulsed electromagnetic fields is one of a number of effective instruments used in the management of diseases including diabetes, hypertension and even remedy the growth of cancerous cells. A study reveals that in eight minutes QRS can stimulate cells to repair equal to 1.5 hours of exercise or 8 hours walk. The benefits of QRS extend to balance the physical functions, regaining the energy, reducing stress and remedy sleep disorders.

Absolute Health revealed a case study on a patient who has been suffering pain arthritis and has not seen any significant improvement from trying various methods — such as anti-inflammatory and pain killing medication — but after one month of QRS sessions, this patient had improved tenfold over just three months and a permanent reduction in the pain medication that this patient had to take, from 14 tablets down to just five.

Another case on calcifying tedinitis reveals that the patient needs the strongest painkillers at night to sleep after local injections of cortisone and painkiller brought little relief. Surgery was recommended for this patient but according to the report, this patient’s pain has noticeably improved after 8 days of QRS therapy and after another two weeks the patient regained shoulder movement.

QRS therapy, however, is not recommended for pregnant women, patien with epilepsy and heat decease, septicemia or patients that have a low blood cell count. The session takes around 20 minutes and immediate results are guaranteed by Absolute Health Chiang Mai.

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