Community Services

 |  September 30, 2011

01 Informal Northern Thai Group

Tuesday, 13th September: ‘Pu Sae – Ya Sae Spirit Worship: Highlighting the two sacred mountains of Chiang Mai’ by Reinhard Hohler. For further information, please call 053 117 319 or email

02 Dog of the Month: GYPSY

This is a beautiful medium-sized girl aged around 2-3 years old, with a lovely long cream coat. She was abandoned, so she can be a bit shy at first (and who could blame her?), but she warms up to people quickly. She gets along well with other dogs, and is sterilised and fully vaccinated. All she needs now is someone who can help her to trust and love again. If you would like to meet her, please contact the shelter at 084 752 5255 for English or 086 913 8701 for Thai or Visit the website for further info at

03 Adjustment of elephant show fee

Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang province, will increase the elephant show and riding fee starting from October 1, 2011 as detailed below:

Elephant show fee: Thai – adult 80baht and children (less than 135 cm in height) 40 baht

Foreigners – adult 150 baht and children (less than 135 cm in height) 100 baht

Elephant riding fee:
10 minutes – adult 100 baht and children 50 baht
30 minutes – 500 baht per one elephant
1 hour – 1,000 baht per one elephant

From Chang Thai Resort to the show stadium – 200 baht per person

For more information please contact 054 892 333, 054 829 329, 054 829 322

04 Chiang Mai Immigration

Chiang Mai Immigration has a reservation service now for any of the usual reasons for going. You must go to their website at where you will find a box on their home page called Queue Online that you must click on. Don’t change the home page to English. You won’t have to The next page will be a calendar that you can move months back and forth and click on the date you want. It’s in. It will tell you if the date is full or not. Click on the date available and the time of day you want to go there. Fill out all required information and enter. Your computer must allow pop-ups for this to work the first time. Your queue form should appear. Click on PRINT and you will get your queue form with code printed out.

Take this form with you and arrive about ten or fifteen minutes before the time of your appointment.

Show your reservation to the person at desk #1 and have your forms, etc. ready to hand over.