Community Services

 |  November 30, 2011

♦ 01 Informal Northern Thai Group

Tuesday, 13th December: ‘Return to Mae Sariang: Ethnic Relations in a Thai Frontier District’ by Charles F. Keyes. For further information, please call 053 117 319 or email

♦ 02 Nicotine Anonymous

Want to stop smoking? It works! Meetings on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1 p.m. at The 7 Fountains, Huay Kaew Road.
For more information please call Earl 086 194 6300, Peter 087 145 9655.

♦ 03 An Appeal in Memory of an Amazing Woman and Her Animals

You might have heard of Roshan Dhunjibhoy, she was also known as ‘The dog lady of Chiang Mai.’ She was an exceptional woman, warm and witty, a vegetarian, a Buddhist, a humanitarian , and champion of the ‘Underdog’, whether it be the four legged variety or a person less fortunate than herself. Sadly for all, she died unexpectedly in April of this year. She left behind 8 dogs that were her beloved pets. There were also around 35 dogs that were rescued from terrible conditions or found abandoned and sick or injured, these were placed by Lanna Dog Rescue (of which Roshan was a co-founder) at the shelter called ‘The Ark’, where Roshan paid a monthly amount towards their upkeep as LDR was short on funds. This was supposed to be a temporary arrangement until a more permanent solution could be found. The Ark is now struggling to feed and care for all the dogs there.

After her death, many of her friends rallied together and either adopted and or, donated money to care for these dogs. Unfortunately there are still 2 of the 8 that have not been adopted, Maggie and Millie. They are at present being boarded at a fixed monthly fee plus extras such as vet bills. The original monies donated are long spent, and it is a lot for just 2 or 3 people to come up with every month.

MAGGIE: has the sweetest nature, and is gentle and easy going, Roshan rescued her 6 years ago, when she had been loaded up and was on her way to the meat market, so we figure she is now about 8 or 9 years of age.
MILLIE: is an older dog (11- 12 years old), who is exceptionally healthy and would love a large garden. She was rescued by Roshan in Lahore, India, where Millie’s mother was shot. She is very affectionate and ideally needs a loving home without too many other dogs and no cats.

PLEASE, consider their situation and open your home and your heart to offer these two lovely dogs a caring future, the rewards will be immense for both yourself and the dogs. They are both sterilised, healthy, have had all their shots and have concurrent vet records.

Donations can be made to;
Mrs Susan Margaret Lewis
A/C No 681-217651-4
Siam Commercial Bank
Swift Code; SICOTHBK
Donations for the 35 dogs still being cared for at the Ark can be made either to Sue Lewis or directly to:
The Ark Animal Kingdom
Kasikornthai Bank
Chiang Mai-Maejo Sub-Branch
Account Number: 415-2-27328-8
SWIFT Code: KASITHBK Animal Rescue Kingdom