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 |  December 30, 2008

The Mission House is a Christian Organisation offering a genuine service in both English and Thai to Chiang Mai. Their focus is on helping foreigners settle into Chiang Mai and offer many wonderful homes to rent.

The Mission House supports, and works in partnership with a number of Christian Organisations and Churches within Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai.
Contact; Janta, The Mission House:

The cat sanctuary at Wat Pa Pao needs your help.
Khun Dee, who isn’t a monk, has about two dozen cats/kittens. If you’d like to take home one or more, please do so. Wat Pa Pao is along the north road around the moat, just before you hit the northeast corner, along the outside of the old city. Once you go inside, turn left at the food stall and go on back. The cats live in the temple building on your right, in the back. You should see a few cats, they sleep everywhere. There are twenty or so and they love visitors.

Please donate food and/or flea treatment either directly to the Wat, to any branch of Gecko Books, or to Tuskers Bar and Grill. If you wish to donate cash to the spay/neuter/vaccination fund, you can do so at either Gecko or Tuskers.

Wat Pa Pao: 58 Maneenopparat Road, 053 418 046

The 5th annual Crazy Horse Crag Clean Up Day will be at the Crazy Horse climbing area on January 3, 2009. There should be 75+ locals out there picking up trash and doing trail maintenance. For more information please contact

Ever dreamed of giving something back, assisting conservation projects, learning about herbal medicines, getting close to nature, sharing elephant secrets and helping to save endangered species?

If so then a volunteer position could be just the very thing for you.
Volunteer jobs vary, from bathing elephants to basic health care. Travelling around the country in a variety of modes, from 4 wheel trucks to bamboo rafts, volunteers will experience local and tribal lifestyles, culture and hospitality.

Volunteering is suitable for all ages, with a good standard of fitness and health.

For more information please call Elephant Nature Park 053 818 754 818 932 272 855 or Visit at

Oreo is now just under 2 years old. She has a wonderful nature, and is gentle, playful, loving, and sweet like her name suggests. She’s currently looking for a forever home! She deserves a family who’ll look and care after her with all their heart and good intentions. If you think you could make her life a happy one, get in touch, come and meet her. Who knows…you might find your best friend! For more info on Oreo or Care for Dogs’ shelter, please e-mail or call 08 47 52 52 55

Citylife is aware of all the good work being done by our local NGOs, Foundations, Charities and Non-Profit Organisations and is pleased to announce the creation of a special section on our website, that will allow the millions of viewers who log on each year the chance to find your websites and perhaps offer their help or donations. If you would like to be featured on, and linked to, this special page for FREE please send your banner links and any other pertinent information to Arm at