Community Services

 |  March 31, 2010

• 01 Care for Dogs – Dog of the Month for April – Max

I’m small but I am also feisty! I would do well in a home where I can rule the roost. I’m a bit of a loner but love the attention of humans…just not so keen on other dogs. I’m getting on in years which doesn’t help although I am still very healthy and handsome! The slight corneal ulcers caused by dry eye mean I will need drops possibly for the rest of my life. Not surprising then that I’m occasionally grumpy…I’d be very grateful if someone could take me out of the shelter then I can start acting like the cute little man I actually am! Call asap!

If you think Max could be a good match for you or anyone you know, then contact Care for Dogs, English (084 52 5255) Thai (086 913 8701) or e-mail: to make an appointment to meet him at the shelter.

• 02 The Best Friend Library Chiang Mai

Located in Nong Bee’s Burmese restaurant on Nimmanhaemin Road (next to Hillside 103), The Best Friend Library Chiang Mai is a non-profit information centre aimed at raising awareness of Burma and its related issues. It contains books, reports and materials about Burma, in English, Burmese and Burmese ethnic languages. For more information about the library or sponsorship, or to donate books, please email or visit

• 03 Chiang Mai IAM – Categorising your Rubbish

Everyone in Chiang Mai is invited to start making a difference in how you deal with rubbish. Simply start by sorting your rubbish at home. General rubbish, all plastic bags, will be earthed up. You can take your glasses, paper, tins, etc. to Three Kings Monument. Every Saturday from 10 a.m. – 12 a.m. someone will be there to collect it. You won’t get paid but the recyclable rubbish will be given to the poor and they will sell it.
For more information please call 086 429 6647-9.

• 04 Plea for Books

Every week Citylife sends ten books to English speaking prisoners in Bang Kwang prison as per their request, as well as copies of Citylife magazine once a month. We are running out of books, so if you have any old books _ novels, biographies, anything at all _ please contact us and we will donate them to Bang Kwang, where they will be hugely appreciated. For more information please call 053 225 201 or

• 05 Chiang Mai 700 Year Stadium

Chiang Mai 700 Year Stadium has excellent facilities for those who love sports: badminton courts, tennis courts, football fields, a shooting gallery, golf

club, swimming pool and even accommodation. You can apply for membership to get discounted rates. For more information please call 053 112 301-3.

• 06 Chicky Net Chiang Mai

Chicky Net Chiang Mai is a networking group for (expat) girls in Chiang Mai (there are also networks in Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui). If you need friends, advice, tips or contacts, hop online and get connected.

• 07 Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery

Copies of the 6th edition of ‘De Mortuis: the story the Chiang Mai Foreign Cemetery’ are now available. ‘De Mortuis’ is an interesting pocket history of some aspects of Chiang Mai life and some of the foreigners who lived and died there. Priced at 200 baht per copy, it is available at the cemetery, The Pub, Tuskers, The Writers Club, Darling Wine Bar, Gymkhana Club and other locations in Chiang Mai.