Community Services

 |  September 1, 2011

01 Informal Northern Thai Group

Tuesday, 13th September: ‘Pu Sae – Ya Sae Spirit Worship: Highlighting the two sacred mountains of Chiang Mai’ by Reinhard Hohler. For further information please call 053 117 319 or email

02 Dog of the Month: Khai Jiew

This little rascal is between 1 and 2 years old. He is friendly and loyal and would do well in a house with a secure yard as he likes his action! He gets along well with adults, older children and other dogs, but can be protective of those he loves. If you would like to meet him, please contact the shelter at 084 752 5255 for English or 086 913 8701 for Thai or Visit the website for further info at

03 60th Birthday and 10 Years Deceased: Jaran Manopetch

Foundation of Lanna Artists will arrange the commemoration for Jaran Manopetch at Tapae Gate on 3rd September from 4 – 10 p.m. Enjoy music performed by many Lanna artists and see a Jaran Manopetch exhibition.


Department of Human Resources, Faculty of Business Administration, Payap University has launched a campaign to save the world. You can donate used paper boxes such as milk boxes, coffee boxes and more. All boxes will be recycled and made into new products. The donation point is the Department of Human Resources, Faculty of Business Administration, Payap University.

05 Plea for Books

Citylife has some fans at Bangkwang Prison (AKA Bangkok Hilton) as we send them monthly copies of the magazine. They have asked our readers who have used books – anything from non fiction to pulp – to please donate them by droppig them off at the Citylife office. We send 10 books per week to our inmate friends. Thank you. For more information please call Aor at 053 225201 or email