Community Service

 |  June 29, 2009

The Informal Northern Thai Group has been hosting a series of monthly talks since 1984, usually about aspects of Thailand, SE Asia and Asia. They are held at the Alliance Francaise on Charoen Prathet Road starting at 7:30 p.m., usually on the second Tuesday of each month. Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday, July 14th at 7.30 p.m. Kevin Moore will talk about the immediate impact and the aftermath of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis on the 400-500 building projects in Bangkok that were works-in-progress when the economy suddenly teetered on the brink of the abyss.

For more information, call 053 117 319.

Are you interested in staying in Thailand, immersing yourself in the culture and giving something in return to the community? Join this Volunteer Programme. Minimum commitment is 4 hours per week/16 hours per month. For more information please send an email to or visit

An informal open forum which can be a question and answer type session or just members sharing their ideas and views and helping others. A good opportunity to network for the benefit of everyone. Bring your business cards.

The meeting is on 29th July. Place will be confirmed later. Please call Tick 053 206 121, 089 443 4926 or for more details.

The European Union acknowledges that freedom of expression includes the right for citizens to access information and that press freedom leads the way to Democracy and Development. The current news shows that journalists are still too often targeted, although in their work, they steadfastly defend Human Rights worldwide.

The Lorenzo Natali Prize is open to journalists working for media in one of the following world regions: Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Arab World and the Middle-East. The prize rewards journalists who have tackled topics of human rights or democracy within the developing world. For the first time in 2008, the Lorenzo Natali Prize expanded to radio and TV journalists.

Each applicant can hand in one journalistic work, or one extract of a journalistic work published or aired between January 1st 2008 and June 15th 2009.

The seventeen winners of the Lorenzo Natali Prize will be honoured guests of the European Commission for a journey to France. Each winner will receive a trophy and a prize. 60,000 Euros worth of prizes will be rewarded to the best works.

For further information or to apply, check

Here she is…that gorgeous Thai Lady you’ve been waiting for! She’s attractive, has a fantastic personality, is a sociable, loyal companion as well as a fabulous guard for your property! She’s a charcoal coloured Standard Schnauzer/ Wolfhound cross or something similar, small to medium in size and goes by the name of ‘Sally.’ She is about 1 – 2 years old and full of energy and responds to basic commands in English or Thai. So she must be a pretty smart girl to be bilingual at such an early age! Fully vaccinated and rearing to go, we would be so pleased to see this really delightful little Miss go to a loving and caring home. Just ask us about our adoption programme and surround yourself with love…it’s that easy! Just call Karin 084 752 5255 or Grib 086 913 8701 for more info or an appointment or e-mail or visit’

“Saving one dog won’t change the world but surely, the world will change for that one dog.”