Coffee Buzz

 |  June 1, 2017

There are more to coffee shops that just coffee these days, with each café trying to out-do each other, we are treated to some exciting new dishes to keep us on our toes, if the caffeine hasn’t dealt with that already.

Coffee Bug
Coffee bug is a new restaurant and coffee corner for those who like to wake up early and fill up before a long day at work. Located in the Night Bazaar, you’ll be in and out before the morning rush. Tuck into a western breakfast for just 95 baht, with a plate packed full with omelettes, sausages, toast and of course, a cup of coffee for good measure. If you prefer something on the go, pick up a sandwich filled with bacon and egg or go native with some rice packed with shrimp, green curry, tom kha gai, tofu soup and even a sukiyaki. Their lunch menu is even more extensive and although coffee is best in the morning, they are open till 8pm at night if you need an after work pick-me-up. The café also has pretty postcards and little gifts if you fancy.

Open 7.30am – 8pm
36 Charoenrat Road
Facebook: coffeebugchiangmai
081 742 0072

Praise Café
Praise Café is a small roadside café serving up some rich local coffee by a chatty barista in a Japanese style apron who just loves striking up conversation with local commuters heading to work. If you want a timeout while sipping your coffee, take a seat on one of the mismatch of wooden stools and tables and watch the world go by. Drinks start at just 45 baht for most coffees and although the menu is simple, it bring exactly what you’d want from a quick coffee stop — and it tastes great too. Perched on the footpath outside Gao Yang Noodle shop that opens in the evening, the solo barista starts early at around 7am and closes shop by 3pm.

7am – 3pm (Closed Sundays)
Charoenmuang Road, outside TMB Bank
094 623 9494

Café Soi
Although definitely a coffee shop, Café Soi also has a range of local Thai cuisine available straight from its big brother’s kitchen, the Dusit D2. Modern décor, earth tones and interesting bowls and sculptures make the experience all that more interesting and perfect for those avid food instagrammers. Try some of their interesting fusions to get a taste of Thailand with the comfort of home with the fried basil pork burger or get rich with the beef or chicken fried rice, lamb leg massaman curry or papaya salad served with giant tiger prawns. Finish it off with a Thai dessert or an ice cream burger topped with peanuts, palm seeds, sticky rice and syrup.

Open daily 12pm – 10pm
Dusit D2 Chiang Mai
Facebook: Café SOI DusitD2 Chiang Mai
053 999 999