Clients’s Spot

 |  December 3, 2012

For parents seeking the best education for their children, Chiang Mai’s Lanna International School Thailand (LIST) is an excellent choice. The high quality British curriculum caters to students from kindergarten through high school and provides students with a truly international experience that opens doors to universities around the world. In fact, LIST’s student population represents 24 different nationalities and 17 languages!

Students at LIST begin their education with the vibrant and exciting Foundation Year programme, designed to stimulate social and academic development from a young age. All students joining during the Foundation Years (equivalent to Kindergarten 1 & 2) pay no joining fees. The next step is the Cambridge Primary Programme, which provides an internationally renowned framework for future success. During their high school years, students work towards the widely recognised Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and later the Cambridge Advanced Level (A Level) qualifications. All students also have the opportunity to prepare for the British IELTS (English proficiency) qualification and the American SAT tests if they so desire.

One of the most exciting developments for Lanna this year is the introduction of the ‘Intensive  English Programme’, designed for children who want the chance to have a quality British education but don’t yet have the skills in English. Open to students 10-14 years of age, this special programme will fast track students’ language development and eventually allow them to integrate into the other programs.

LIST is also pleased to announce its 2013 DeMuth Memorial Scholarship, an exciting opportunity for one child currently studying in a Thai school (Prathom 6) who could otherwise not afford an international education to receive 50% off tuition at LIST for the remainder of their schooling.

LIST brings out the best in students by providing opportunities to display confidence and global citizenship with an array of opportunities in the Arts, Sports, Music and Drama arenas. Having recently renovated their assembly hall, LIST is already poised to present two dramatic performances this year. By adding this two brand new science laboratories, a Junior School Library, the Primary Science Investigations Lab and a fitness gym, the reasons behind LIST’s exam success are clear.

300 Grandview, Moo 10, Hang Dong Road

053 806 230

It is always sad when a favourite restaurant closes down; and when Jerusalem Falafel – open since sometime in the prehistoric nineties! -closed shop, we thought that would be the end of our morning shakshukas and evening mezzes.

The Olive Tree, which will be open by the time you read this, is a stunning new Middle Eastern eatery serving up the best of the region, cooked by a chef and owner of Moroccan descent.

Here are some rather exotic sounding dishes to make your mouth water: slow-cooked tajine served up in beautiful traditional dishes, mezze selection including tahini, hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush and tabbouleh with melt-in-your-drooling-mouth pita bread, tons of barbequed meats of various flavours and styles, light fluffy couscous with lamb or vegetables, classic Moroccan cigar rolls, phyllo pastry boreks, the Moroccan dried fruit known as tanzia, and of course the classic end to the meal, Turkish baklava for dessert. For those of you who are not familiar with this cuisine, never fear, Mama Falafel is here for guidance and will help you select your perfect meal.

After stuffing yourself on all sorts of delightful dishes, amble up the stairs to the second floor lounge where you can lie back on sumptuous ottomans or sink into a sofa. This is a great place to come for a drink with friends at any time of the day _ and if you aren’t hungry enough for a full meal, you can just order a few mezzes to go with your drinks.

If you enjoy the tastes of the Middle East and would like to learn how to recreate them in your own kitchen, you can enroll in the one day cooking course offered. Simply ask any staff member at The Olive Tree.

Open 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. and 5 – 11 p.m. (Closed on Fridays)

29/7 Moon Muang Road (next to 7/11 and Pharma Choice)

053 271 196 or

For those looking for the ultimate country club lifestyle, Green Valley Condominiums is the stuff of dreams. Designed by a famous Singaporean architect, this lavish living complex is situated right in the middle of the Summit Green Valley Golf Course in Mae Rim.

The 12-storey condominium features 115 mountain-facing suites and 28 contemporary villas, each equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.  The building is single-corridor style, meaning no opposite rooms, so you can rest assured that your privacy, peace and quiet are top priorities. There are several different unit types and floor plans to choose from, but each includes a kitchen, a dining area, bathrooms, and a spacious living room. Units start at 2 million baht (or 42,000 baht per square metre), and provide a great opportunity to invest in a second home.

A glance out any window will reveal stunning views of the verdant green valley and distant peaks that surround the seven rai complex, where peacocks and deer roam the lush grounds. Get in touch with nature at the ecological pond or by taking advantage of Green Valley’s various walking trails and gardens.

In addition, all residents enjoy full access to Green Valley’s Clubhouse, café lounge and a cornucopia of top-notch club facilities. Country club memberships are also available for non-residents. Care for a dip? Check out the Lagoon Pool, which features a lap pool, a leisure pool, a spa pool, a special kids’ splash pool and a sun deck.  Looking to burn some calories? Check out the fitness centre, the yoga deck, the tennis courts, the jogging track or the putting green. Want to chill out? Spend some time on the meditation deck or take a nap in the hammock court.  Kids driving you nuts? Send them to the playground, the hedge maze or the sand pit.

At Green Valley Condominiums, you and your family will want for nothing. But if you do, Chiang Mai’s city centre is just 15 minutes south, a straight shot down Route 107.

Mae Sa, Mae Rim

084 894 8181

It is hard to stand out amongst the ever-expanding, continuously sprouting, moving and shifting Nimmanhaemin scene, but Japanese restaurant Shirayuri doesn’t have that problem. This blinged-out restaurant with floor-to-ceiling glass, polished marble, glittering lighting and contemporary décor beckons and stamps its brand with the gigantic Godzilla statue displayed in its garden…and all over its collateral…and on its vehicles. Thais love a good mascot and Godzilla is doing his job well.

But don’t let the gimmicks distract you from the goods. Shirayuri serves up some genuinely great and beautifully presented food, making for a truly lovely dining experience. Menus are in English and Thai (and better yet, include photographs!), and offer a range of traditional Japanese dishes as well as a few intriguing surprises, from fresh-off-the-boat sashimi to delicately fried tempura; cold tofu with spring onions to fresh tuna marinated in sauce. You can cook your own meat at your table shabu-shabu style, dine on an assortment of raw creatures from the sea, test out a variety of sushi, dig into a Japanese pizza or sample adorable little starters and tapas-sized dishes.

For a quality Japanese experience, whether lunch or dinner, Shirayuri is a great choice. There is ample parking, the staff is attentive, the drinks list is solid and the menu is wide-ranging and sure to appeal to all taste buds. This restaurant is becoming more and more popular with the trendsetting Nimmers, but it is well worth the drive across town for its quality food and setting.

Prices are not cheap, but you are paying the cost of high-quality food and generously sized portions.

Open 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 5 – 11 p.m.

13 Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 7 

053 222 443