Client Chit Chat on Citylife’s BIG 18

 |  June 26, 2009

It has been wonderful working with the Citylife team over the years and to see how the art team has evolved. Ah, the joys of updating the artwork up to the last minute to make sure every thing is perfect. Citylife’s close contact with the expat community has kept Studio Naenna and our customers up to date on all aspects of Chiang Mai. I would like especially to congratulate Citylife on the Carbon Neutral programme and would like to see this small drop in the pond (of Chiang Mai) ripple out to all. Keep up the great work.

Lamorna Cheesman
Manager of Studio Naenna Co., Ltd.
First advertised with Citylife in 1998

Ever since we started THE HOUSE and later GINGER we have been advertising with you. Not only are you a great partner to our business, but more importantly you are a great partner to the local community.

And of course there is nothing like chilling out in your wonderful garden with a Cosmopolitan, all in the name of a good cause!
A Happy Birthday

Hans B. Christensen
Owner The House, Ginger, Nomad
First advertised with Citylife in 2002

Happy 18th Birthday Citylife! What a pleasure it is to work with such delightful people. Your entire staff is so gracious and supportive. It gives me great pleasure to run into you at various events all over town and to see you supporting your clients’ businesses. Wishing you many more prosperous years. Thanks to everyone and keep up the good work! See you at a garden party soon…

Scott Taylor
Owner, Soho Bar and Guesthouse
First advertised under current ownership 2009

Art Café has been advertising with Citylife for many years. Both of our businesses have grown since our small beginnings. I just want to wish all the staff of Citylife the best success, happiness and a bright future. Yui, your production assistant, has been liaising with us for ten years, and I have enjoyed working with her and discussing Buddhism with your photographer.

Kularb Karbkum
OwnerArt Café
First advertised with Citylife in 1999

Pop the corks! Pour the champagne!
Prem salutes Citylife’s birthday and shares the good times with a magazine that, like the school, is such an important part of life in Chiang Mai. Citylife is eighteen years old. Prem is just eight years old and looks up to its older sister with affection and gratitude for all the magazine has done for the school over so many years.

Congratulations Citylife!

Christopher Hall
Director of Admissions
Prem International School
First advertised with Citylife in 2001

It’s always great fun and beneficial to associate with Citylife. She is now 18 and I am sure she will be much more attractive and creative than ever. Couldn’t help thinking what would be the next ‘show highlight’ for the anniversary party but I am certain that it will draw much laughs like ‘the Sexy Santa’ [December 2008]. Ho…ho…ho…

Savas Rattakunjara
Resort Manager
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, Chiang Mai
First advertised in Citylife in 2002

Mitchai Property Co., Ltd. would like to congratulate Citylife on your 18th birthday. Citylife and Mitchai Property have been journeying down similar paths of business here in Chiang Mai for well over a decade. We are so pleased to still be working with Citylife now that you are celebrating such an anniversary. Citylife is a very clear and concise source of information which gives us different views on life in the city of Chiang Mai. We just want to say that Citylife is where it is today because of quality and genuine care for its clients. Congratulations to Pim and your team.

Varaporn Patanukom (Executive Director)
Pichai Saetia (Managing Director)
The Peak Adventure Tour and Mitchai Property
First advertised with Citylife in 1998

On the occasion of Citylife’s 18th anniversary, Grace Dental Care Clinic would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the magazine for its continual creativity and focus on quality. Citylife is a magazine which looks beautiful, modern, and catches the eye, all of which draws readers to its content, which is always of high calibre and clearly covers issues of interest to its many target readers. Citylife is a quality English magazine which goes hand in hand with Chiang Mai and functions as a media which connects manufacturers, service providers, consumers and customers in this city. On that note, we wish you all continued success for many years to come.

Dr. Sirarwich Siraboriphantakul
Grace Dental Care Clinic
First advertised with Citylife in 2003

Gecko Books is very happy to be associated with Citylife and we have been an advertiser since we first opened almost 10 years ago.

I hope that we will keep on growing together and I wish you as much success in the future as you have enjoyed in the past!

George M. Goldberg
Owner of Gecko Books
First advertised with Citylife in 2000