Citytalk October 2019

 |  October 1, 2019

Have you ever been bullied? If so, how did you overcome the situation and what advice would you like to give to victims of bullying?

01 Suphitsara Techojirapat, 21, Student, Thai
Yes, sometimes I was bullied, but I didn’t care. If I couldn’t find a way to solve it, I would ask my parents and teachers for advice. As we can’t manage others, we should manage ourselves first. If these bullies are not important to you then why not just forget them?

02 Taksaporn Thammasit, 21, Student, Thai
No, I haven’t. But I would like to suggest those victims to calm down. It is worthless to quarrel with thse kinds of people. The victims might unburden themselves to someone whom they feel comfortable with like best friends, family, or teachers.

03 Chanapha Thanoi, 21, Student, Thai
Yes, I was bullied when I was young. They teased me but it wasn’t violent. My advice for victims is to ignore and show them that we are strong. Then, they will be bored and give up. Thinking about their bad words is useless. They don’t care about you, so why do you care about them?

04 Kasemrut Suasakul, 26, student, Thai
I have never been bullied before. I want to suggest the victim that when you are bullied, you should fight back in any way.
05 Jean-Paulo Duarte, 19, Teacher, South African
No, but my friend in high school was bullied. He ignored the bullies and moved on. I see bullying as something you can fight back or run from. My advice would be to keep pushing forward, don’t let them bring you down to a point where you can’t get back up. Find ways to create a good environment. Bullies want a reaction from people if you don’t give them a reaction their efforts are pointless and sooner or later they will give up and move on.
06 Patumporn Pongthep, 22, Student, Thai
I’ve never experienced being bullied before because when I was studying in high school, I tried not to get attention from others. And, the advice I can give to any people who are in this situation is that I want them to be strong and try not to fight back.
07 Sabaiporn Muangma, 22, Student, Thai
Of course, I was bullied when I was in primary school. However, I did not care at all, for I thought that they were just teasing or making fun of me; therefore, I let go of it. For the advice, I want the victim to positively think in the same way I thought- ignore it as if it was just a joke.
08 Michelle Pienaar, 18, Teacher, South African
Yes, I was bullied by an older girl when I was 9-11 years old. As I got older, I grew the courage to start saying no. As time went on and I continued saying no and tried to ignore her, she stopped bullying me. I would advise people who are being bullied to be brave. They should know their self-worth and that no one, who has their own issues can bring them down.