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 |  September 26, 2012

> News Highlights in September
September saw an unprecedented amount of drug related arrests as the government stepped-up its war against drugs. Just use our search engine and type in drugs to see that drugs are verily enemy number one in Thailand right now.

Although CityNews editor, James Austin Farrell, is very skeptical about the war and he isn’t afraid to say so. Check out his editorial ‘We Already Lost the War Against Drugs’:

‘The Governor is Leaving’

Perhaps the most prevalent face on CityNews, M.L. Panadda Diskul, is leaving his position as governor of Chiang Mai:

‘Homemade Bomb Safely Removed from the Parking Lot of the Murcure Hotel’

The bomb squad was out in September disarming bombs they thought teenage gangs had made:

‘Where have all the Fags Gone?’

For a short time Chiang Mai was almost out of cigarettes and no one knew why…so we found out:

‘A New Zealand Man Claims Robbery But is Easily Outsmarted by Police’

Not many foreigners were featured in the news this month, but this unlucky man had his face in the media:

‘Thrilling Match for the Champions, Chiang Mai FC’

Chiang Mai win the league! We provide all match reports and some stunning photographs for all the CMFC games, as well as provide you with all the fixtures:

> Features

‘A New Chiang Mai – Self-Management of the Northern Rose’

Maybe huge changes for Chiang Mai. Find out how your city is run, and more importantly find out how it might be run in the future:

‘Remembering Kirsty Jones IV – Confusion and Chaos Ensued’

Pim Kemasingki has now written four fascinating pieces about the tragic case of the young woman’s death in Chiang Mai:

‘Nimmanhaemin Road – knocking it down or urban redevelopment?’

A lot of things are going on this side of town, find out what. Ever complained it’s a hassle getting to the airport, well, that may not last too much longer. Good for some people, though local environmentalists are not too happy:

> Blogs:
The Golf blog

With so many golfers in Chiang Mai this blog was made for the city. Check out how our blogger gets round the course without losing his temper, or how he even affords to play so often on a tight budget:

The Tech Blog

We have a tech expert who publishes a wide range of technology based articles on various media sites. If you’re thinking about the new iPhone, or you don’t know what tablet to buy, then you should consult his blog for some no nonsense advice:

These are just a mere few samples from hundreds of stories and features on CityNews, now inarguably Chiang Mai’s most exciting news site. Watch out for next month, and keep abreast of what is happening in your city. Soon we will have more ways to comment, getting YOU involved.