CityNews Chiang Mai

 |  October 29, 2012

CityNews, Chiang Mai’s first daily-updated English language online news site brought you the city’s biggest news events last month, as well as some hard-hitting feature stories that we hope you enjoyed.

So, what was the big news last month? Well, we have a new governor, a Thanin Supasaen. Chiang Mai hosted large boxing events, motor racing shows, and will have its own jazz festival soon. The police are still marching on in their war against drugs, while beauty products might just have become public enemy number two this past month. We haven’t reported so many traffic accidents this month, compared to other months. We might ask if the police crackdown on drink driving is a consequence of this.

And don’t forget our reviews, the blogs, the photos…every month we intend to add more features to the site, making CityNews an essential part of your Chiang Mai life.


• News Highlights in November

Meet the Governor

Former governor ML Panadda Diskul left us for Bangkok. But we welcomed the new governor, who said at his press conference that he wanted “Chiang Mai to be like the Bangkok of the north, in terms of economic prosperity.”


CityNews editor, James Austin Farrell, got his teeth stuck into a piece on vagina whitening creams.  “In the Market for a White Vagina” is his most-read editorial so far:


On a similar note, the CityNews intern, Georgia, wrote a piece on the possible dangers of using whitening creams, and why boys and girls might want to use them in the first place:

Can the desire for beauty become dangerous?

And the police weren’t far behind the critics:

More Illegal Cosmetics Seized, including Vagina Tightening and Breast Enlargement Creams



Man Brutally Murders Thai Loh Kroh Bar Worker

A Thai woman was murdered in a hotel room not far from the Night Bazaar.


Tiger Muay Thai – Massive Muay Thai Gym to Open in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is to get a super gym where you’ll be able to learn all kinds of combat sports including Muay Thai, MMA and regular boxing.


Police Arrest More People After Photo of Three Year Old Smoking Amphetamines Causes Outrage in Thailand

Discussing the photo that caused a stir throughout Thailand.


• Blogs:

The Fashion Blog

If you want to know what’s in, what’s out, what people are wearing and what they will soon be wearing, look here.


Old Timer Reminisces

Talk of times past from a man who has been in the city since the days dinosaurs roamed…we think.

Watch out for next month, and keep abreast of what is happening in your city. Soon we will have more ways to comment, getting more YOU involved.