Citylife’s New Office

 |  February 24, 2009

Citylife is looking forward towards the bright light at the end of the tumbling financial tunnel. While times are tough, we are gearing up and readying ourselves for the turnaround. Over the past year we have focused on building and strengthening our internal system, upskilling our staff, training management, systems placement and improvement, and generally using the tough and slow times to fortify us and prepare us for the good times ahead. Our goal is to continue to strengthen our position as the most effective media partner for businesses in the north of Thailand and beyond.

To that end, we have spent the past half year completely renovating and redesigning our office for increased productivity, efficiency and, essential to a multimedia business, to encourage creativity. Our renovations include upgrading and overhauling our IT system both online and within our network as well as more visually exciting improvements such as the creation of our Think Tank room featured on this month’s cover. The Think Tank room is where designers, writers and photographers go for casual brainstorming sessions and meetings. A Pow Wow meeting room has been furnished, complete with 72 inch LCD screen and surround sound home theatre system, with a meeting table seating fourteen. (Both rooms are available for daily rental.) Our new open space production area, fitted with flat screen computers and smart storage space makes for a wonderfully interactive work space without barriers. Other improvements and design features can be seen in this series of photographs.
Citylife plans to develop a multitude of on and off line products of services this year, so watch this space, and if you are interested, please do come round for a visit.