Citylife inhouse

 |  November 30, 2011

Over 200 people responded to the 2011 Citylife Online Survey – a great turn out, thank you all!

The results and feedback proved to be very useful and we promise to take these responses on board for 2012. Below are a few statistics about you and your relationship with Chiang Mai and Citylife.

Here are some of our favourite comments and suggestions:

Citylife is indeed worthy of your time particularly if you’re looking for some new place to visit and explore. However, I would like to see also some articles about visitors experience in Chiang Mai, particularly of those places that have been recommended by Citylife. For me, Citylife and your magazine really excel in providing up to date information. Keep up your good work and all the best.

♦ Don’t do online only…because I’m the one who loves to collect Citylife!!

♦ It’s good. Some people have complained about the amount of advertisement. But personally I think it’s useful to learn about new places and offer they are giving out.

♦ Better distribution…

♦ It is already pretty great! I love the design and photos, and the articles are interesting and varied. Keep up the good work!

♦ It is a great magazine. I look forward to reading it every month. I read it cover to cover and did I mention I love the cover designs. I have a pile of them.

♦ You need to work on your subscription renewal services. I’ve subscribed twice before & each time when the subscription expires, there’s never ever been any reminder of follow up on renewing the subscription from Citylife! So mine has expired again and hasn’t been renewed. If it was easy for me, I’d definitely have renewed!

♦ Get a weekly vote about what people want in the magazine and pick one section every week

♦ It is quite difficult to find hard copy of Citylife. I think it will be better to increase or find more places to place Citylife magazine.

♦ Put the Chiang Mai Citylife photo of the month on the cover, or at least in the magazine.”

Some interesting survey results

♦ Pai was voted your favourite holiday destination in the North with Chiang Rai coming in second.

♦ Suggestions to make Chiang Mai better?
Better infrastructure 39%
More museums, libraries and good book shops 29%
More art galleries & music scenes 24%
Improved flight connections 22%
Chiang Mai has everything 14%
More places to party/hang out 10%
Others: Improved public utilities i.e. pollution, transport, more open areas, theatre, cycle lanes

♦ What kind of articles do you want to read?
(by popular demand)
More interviews with prominent people in Chiang Mai
More art & culture
More Chiang Mai news
More travel pages
More investigative articles on Chiang Mai society and politics

♦ 63% of you find out info about news/activities/events from Citylife, 36% from CityNow! and 51% from word of mouth.