Citylife In-house

 |  December 24, 2010

Citylife Next Issue: Strange Love

Traditional love? Romantic love? Forgettaboutit… Citylife will add some twists to love in our next issue, so watch this space!

CityNow! New design

CityNow! Chiang Mai and the north of Thailand’s online source of events and activities.

Visit to see the new look and check out our new cool design in the colourful graffiti theme. Share your photography skills with friends through our Social Pics and make your plans by visiting Events Calendar for upcoming events and festivals.
Register, log in and simply load your event information for FREE in both Thai and English. You can also upload photo albums of your events to share with everyone.

Have fun with the site, play around with it and make it your own!

Citylife Fanpage on Facebook

Join our new page!

Citylife has reached our 5,000 limit on Facebook friends. This means that we have to find a new home and have therefore created a ‘fan’ page. Please join us on our new page as we slowly fade out our old page over the coming weeks. Simply search for Citylife Chiang Mai on Facebook and go to the ‘business page’ location. We look forward to hanging out with you in our new home on Facebook.

Citylife’s annual party and sports day started off inauspiciously with some rain…but the skies cleared and the troops rallied!