Citylife In-house

 |  April 26, 2011

Citylife Next Issue:
The Indochine Issue

Citylife, partnering with our media associates in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, will bring you interesting articles and information of where to go and what to do in some of South East Asia’s most exciting cities.


A lot of people have been asking about what will happen next with the CityCard campaign after its expiration on 31st March 2011. We have stated in our Citylife February issue that although some businesses have had tremendous success with the campaign, others did not benefit as much. Citylife has been conducting market research to help with this matter and we would like to let all CityCard holders know that we have decided to put the CityCard on hold for the time being until we are confident that we can create a more efficient campaign that will truly benefit our business partners and the users.

In order to create a better and more effective campaign we would really appreciate if CityCard members and users could provide us with feedback. We value your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us at or call the Marketing Department on 053 357 428 or 053 225 201.

Citylife Delivery

The simple fact is that we can’t print to demand…being free and all that! However, we want our magazines to be accessible to all of you regular readers and any potential new readers and are therefore in the process of coming up with a new delivery route so that all copies go to residents of Chiang Mai. Please email with preferred delivery locations which we will consider adding to the list (not your Uncle Bob’s townhouse), city landmarks which are convenient to you and others.

Citylife Online Services

Citylife’s website, the north of Thailand’s premier English language information site, was one of Chiang Mai’s earliest web design companies, and our website, since its conception in 1998, has received a total of over 90 million hits. The reason Citylife’s website is so successful is because our web design and programming team constantly keep up with the latest technology as well as design techniques and trends. We have designed and created over three hundred websites since 1998, with clients spanning the globe.
Our services include:
– Domain registration
– Building websites
– HTML, DHTML, javascript, ASP, PHP, database, MySql, E-commerce