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 |  May 27, 2011

Citylife Next Issue:
The 20th Birthday Issue

Well, we can’t spoil the surprise can we? Let’s just say that we are going to be featuring some fantastic articles written by top writers and journalists in Thailand. We will also be looking back 20 years to see how far Citylife and Chiang Mai have come, picking the positive and negatives as well as try to foresee Chiang Mai in the next 20 years. It is quite exciting to think that we have been around with you for two decades! Because of the horrid weather, we have decided to postpone all celebrating events until later in the year, when we will be having all sorts of activities to celebrate our anniversary together with you all!

Citylife 20th Anniversary

Trisila Company Limited the publisher of Citylife magazine has a long history. The company has worked with thousands of customers throughout Thailand and beyond. Our team of young and energetic talents is nearly all Thai apart from the editorial department, headed by editor and owner Pim Kemasingki, who is half Thai half English and British James Austin Farrell, deputy editor, who not only write and edit Citylife magazine but provide content to publications in Thailand and beyond.

Basically we pride ourselves not just on the quality of our work and services but also on being a socially responsible company. We went carbon neutral in 2008, we are constantly organising charity fundraisers (recently raising 340,000 baht for Japan), we currently offer five scholarships to students and we believe that we have a responsibility, not only as media, but also as involved citizens of Chiang Mai. One thing we never forget either, is how to have fun!

Citylife Magazine Delivery List

Citylife prints 12,000 copies per month with the circulation of 30,000. We distribute our magazine to 248 locations in Chiang Mai and we send the magazine to over 300 subscribers throughout Thailand and abroad. Our main distribution locations are Rimping Nim City Daily, Rimping Ruam Choke, Jerusalem Falafel Restaurant Tha Pae, Kasem Store Nimmanhaemin Road, The U.N. Irish Pub, though if you want to find a delivery point nearby please just email us to ask for our list at .

If you would like to have the magazine delivered to your home you can also subscribe with us for addresses in Thailand the subscription fee is only 650 baht per 12 months. If you would like to subscribe with us please send contact .