Citylife In-house

 |  November 29, 2010

Citylife Next Issue: Innovation

We are looking for anything innovative, so if you know of a great innovator, a wonderful idea, something new and exciting, please email us at

Citylife’s 20th Birthday!

We will enter our 20th year this year with our anniversary officially in July. However, there will be a series of activities, promotions and exciting goings on all year, so watch this space, Citylife is growing up!

Citylife Ladies’ Night Postponed

Ladies, we are so very sorry, but what with many events we are organising this high season, we couldn’t find a satisfactory date to organise our annual Christmas Ladies’ Night. We promise that we will do something to make up for this next year! In the meanwhile have a marvellous Christmas and a perfectly lovely New Year.

Citylife Garden Fair

Our Citylife Garden Fair will be held after our time of press, but we are sure that it will be yet another great success! So, in advance, we just want to thank Sally Ward and the 200 Club for their great work in organising this annual event (from now on, it will be held in November of each year, we have decided to cancel the February fair as it is always a tad too hot) and all the stalls who came to sell their wares and services. Of course the biggest thanks of all is to all the people who – will hopefully! – support the fair so that we can raise money for the 200 Club’s initiative to purchase a scanning machine for elephants in the Mae Tang, Mae Sa and Chiang Dao areas. Thank you jao!