CityGuide: Wat Gate

 |  April 1, 2015

Resident Expert: Thanyapat “Luke” Srimarat

Age: 28

Nationality: Thai

Occupation: Teacher

What are the defining characteristics of your neighbourhood? 

The Wat Gate community has its own unique identity and a really interesting and long history. The old area maintains the identity of people of times past and this is still noticeable in the architecture and how the buildings are decorated in their original designs. Though culture and way of life may have changed over time, there is still a feeling of prosperity and uniqueness within the community.

Why did you choose this neighbourhood? 

I’m a local resident. I was born and raised here.

Who lives here?

Thai people, most of whom are local residents who have lived here for a long time.

Best everyday restaurant: 

Namton House Bar ( shousebar). It is a new homemade restaurant with a good atmosphere as well as having a super friendly owner. I can order food or drinks and hang around here all day long, and there is good parking so it’s convenient. My favourite food here is the Caesar salad.

Best special occasion restaurant:

On a special occasion I usually go to Pizza Pasta Steak (053 245 796), located on Kaew Nawarat Road, near the Varee Kindergarten School. It is a small restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere and a garden-like style. The food here is delicious and the price is reasonable. They serve Italian food such as steak, pasta, pizza, salad and so on. All dishes are perfectly cooked; I’ve never had a bad experience.

Best cheap eat:

Ton Goom River Front (089 553 9128) provides cheap and delicious food with a great vibe. For those who want to escape from the busy areas and experience something more relaxing and close to the river, this is a perfect spot. I suggest you go by motorbike however, since the entrance road is really narrow. If you drive a car, you need to park your car outside and walk to the restaurant.

Best drinks: 

Nom Sod (Fresh Milk), located outside McCormick Hospital. It is a small caf? owned by a lovely old couple and has been open for years. I have been a loyal customer since I was a child. The shop serves various kinds of drinks: fresh milk, tea, coffee, and even herbal drinks. Steamed and roasted bread is also available. The owners are so kind and the prices are so cheap.

Best daytime activity:

I often exercise at the fitness centre on the 4th floor of Centara Duangtawan Hotel (www.cen I have recently joined the ABT class, a class focusing on belly, waist, back, and hip exercises. The centre has really good trainers who always give good suggestions as well exercise equipment. It also has a swimming pool, sauna room, and a steam room. Open 6am to 10pm.

Best nightlife:

I suggest The Riverside Pub and Restaurant (, located on Chareonrat Road. Besides a good atmosphere, customers can choose to have a seat in many different zones: next to the river or inside near the bar, which is hot and loud but exciting. I often suggest to people to come here and enjoy the Ping River scenery at sunset. Then around midnight, move to sit in front of the stage so that you can enjoy live music. It’s


Best place to shop:

To go shopping for food, I would recommend the Sanpakoi Market and Rimping Supermarket. For those who love vintage style clothing or secondhand stuff, I recommend the market behind The Prince Royal’s College which is open every Saturday and Sunday.

Best secret:

For anyone who wants to learn about the community’s way of life, arts, culture, and traditions, I suggest going to Wat Ket Karam Museum on Chareonrat Road. The museum is a great collection of Chiang Mai’s treasures, from swords to elephant skulls, where you can learn about people in the past and their way of life. It’s free to enter but leave a donation if you can!

Best tip:

This community has a great selection of art galleries. If you love art, it’s certainly a place to spend an afternoon or two.