CityGuide: Sansai

 |  December 25, 2013


This month we visit Sansai with former Citylife staffer Phumiphat “Oat” Jiarajetchai, 34, who now works as a photographer for Home Buyer’s Guide Chiang Mai. Check out his top picks as he shows us around his neighbourhood.

What do you like most about your neighbourhood? 

I love the quiet and the fact that it is simple. Villagers live next to each other as they have for generations. It is also very green and peaceful.

What do you like least about it?

There are no Warm Ups and hot chicks for me to check out here, only old people.

Who lives here?

Thai people mainly, not many foreigners and not even that many Thais from other provinces. Many people have had homes here for decades. I moved here seven years ago and lately am seeing more imports here, like myself!

Best special occasion restaurant:

Food For You – home cooked Thai, international and a mixture of both made with passion and taste (081 530 4386).

Best cheap eat:

This is the land of khao man gai and my favourite shop, Dan Khao Man Gai goes through 80 chickens a day! Cheap and tasty and normally sold out by afternoon. Inside the San Sai Market, ask anyone.

Best drinks:

I only drink Coke Zeros! So I get them at 7-Eleven. 

Best daytime activity:

Simply getting onto my bike and cruising the neighbourhood; it relaxes me.

Best place to shop:

Central Festival!

Best attraction:

My bedroom… 

Best secret:

At the front of my soi is a great rice wine shack, Pa Daeng’s in front of the soi to Moo Baan Sanphranet (083 582 9330), with cheap grilled goods better than you will find in most places.

Best tip:

If you want to live here look around for a place like mine: peaceful, friendly, full of lamyai orchards and paddy fields, only a stone’s throw from the city but with a real country vibe to it all.