CityGuide: Nimmanhaemin

 |  April 3, 2015

Resident Expert: Dr.  Danai  Praditsuwan, 47

Nationality: Thai

Occupation: Lipo surgeon, doctor and owner of Dr.  Aesthetic Clinic

Neighbourhood: Nimmanhaemin

What are the defining characteristics of your neighbourhood? What makes it special or unique?

As the “Heart of Chiang Mai”, those who enjoy its varied entertainment and chic restaurants will definitely know its special qualities. Nimmanhaemin is a trendy area located in Chiang Mai that all tourists must visit. The liveliness of Nimman never shuts down.

Why did you choose this neighbourhood? What do you like most about it?

At first, I wanted to only open my Aesthetic clinic here; but after living here for a while I realised it was my favourite place to live. I love Nimman. With my lifestyle as a single man, I really enjoy the way Nimman has limitless amounts of convenience, food and services.

What do you like least about it?

It has traffic jams all the time. I am so bored of that.

Who lives here?

Mostly tourists, expats and single men.

Best special occasion restaurant:

Sahara restaurant. I am man who is concerned about health, so that’s why I love the Sahara Salad this restaurant offers. It has tuna, chicken, crispy thin rice noodle and loads of fresh vegetables served in a big bowl. It is so healthy! Tel: 053 222088

Best cheap eat:

Khaw Tom Yong. The price is not too high and it’s so delicious it drags me out of my bed when I feel hungry. My favourite dish is fish tom yum. Tel. 053 277942

Best drinks:

House of Wine is situated opposite from my house in Nimmanhaemin. The reason why I go there is mainly because of the cosy atmosphere which is perfect for drinking good wine, and they provide the best selection. My personal favourite is Nappa Valley which originates from America, I would recommend it to anyone.

Best night out:

I go to HOBS (House of Beer) when I go out, which is 20 meters from my house. It opened about a year ago. It is a great place to go for beer lovers especially the ones looking for imported beers such as Belgium beers, Hoegaarden and Stella. But, my favourite one is the Leffe beer from Amsterdam as it has a strong taste which I very much enjoy.

Best daytime activity:

I like to have a massage at Chaya Thai Massage, because the atmosphere is relaxing and it has a really peaceful environment. Also this place gives opportunities to students from ages 17-20 years old to work and earn a living for themselves, promoting a good work ethic.

I also enjoy working out before I go to work so at around 9 – 11am every day I visit Powerhouse Fitness Gym Centre. The place gives great classes such as body pump, yoga and cycling. It has pretty much everything.

Best place to shop:

Nimmanhaemin soi 1 has everything you need to decorate your house, you will fall in love with this place a lot. Thai fabric with Lanna designed and home decorations can all be obtained here.

Best attraction:

I like the architecture of the CMU Art Centre as it has modern feel to it even if it’s made of concrete. This great place has art exhibitions and holds Jazz concerts for entertainment all year round.

Best secret:

There is Japanese restaurant that is about to open in October called Bistro Five in Nimmanhaemin soi 5. It has yainiku and shashimi buffets which are similar to Tengoku restaurant.

Best tip: 

People should go to the Drunken Flower for a night of good Jazz and blues vibes. The venue is small but has a cosy and friendly atmosphere with a talented acoustic band playing on Fridays through Sundays starting from 8pm till late. It’s in Soi 17.

Anything else you’d like to add?

There is no car park available. If you want to come here, I recommend taking a red car. Once you are dropped off, you can walk and see all the goods in Nimman as it’s not too big.