City Women

 |  December 29, 2011

A New Year and with it comes a new beginning for many people – not to mention all those resolutions to break! I love the countdown to a new year, so much excitement and no one knowing what it will bring. But, I decided a long time ago never to make any resolutions that I would break as all I ended up with was a whole lot of guilt. I was always back smoking by the 2nd January, putting joining the gym off for as long as possible and had a hangover the very day after deciding that this was going to be the year I detoxed properly!

I realised that a much better idea was to make resolutions I can actually keep. Now I no longer start every year wracked with guilt as I promise myself that I will have a year full of fun, laughter and not worry if I over indulge occasionally…This works a treat as, of course, I never break them!
The other thing New Year always brings with it is the January Sales. I used to love battling my way onto the tube to see what bargains I could get. I would usually come home with things that I would never use or wear, but because they were ‘on sale’, I’d convince myself that it didn’t matter. Even if I never wore those shoes, they were such a good price that it was worth the money just for them to sit in my wardrobe.

On one such journey into London a few years ago, I was overcome with shopping frenzy and was in a large store leaving with my bags of goodies when the alarm started ringing on the door as I walked through. Even though I knew I definitely hadn’t stolen anything, I still went a very bright shade of crimson as everyone turned to look.

I was stopped by security who took me to one side. As I went to get my purse out of my bag I found the culprit – a rather vile purple dress had attached itself by its hanger to my bag and the security guard had watched me try to make my way out of the store with it. Luckily, I wasn’t arrested for shoplifting as he understood it was an accident and that actually shoplifters aren’t usually so blatant and generally steal things they like rather than what would make them look like an unattractive grape.

Here in Chiang Mai, there seems to be one large sale which lasts all year. Every time I walk into Airport Plaza, I’m thrown into the hands of temptation as shops welcome me with promises of wonderful discounts on beautiful things. But I have found that I’m more rational when it comes to shopping now as I know it’ll still be the same price in 6 months so there really is no need to panic.

I hope everyone had a wonderful festive season and is looking forward to the year ahead. Who knows what the Land of Smiles has in store for us all; as long as there’s no flooding or violent political clashes involved, we should all be fine!

Happy 2012 everyone.