City Women

 |  November 30, 2011

The countdown to Christmas has started and it’s time for me to put the ‘big kid’s’ hat on that I get out once a year! I love everything about Christmas – the food, the gifts (giving and receiving), cheesy songs, decorations and general good cheer!

Every year, Christmas brings back memories of being a little girl and so excited that I didn’t think I’d ever get to sleep on Christmas Eve. My sister and I would creep to the top of the stairs waiting for Father Christmas to appear, giggling and feeling like we were going to burst. Every year however, we managed to miss him and would fall asleep on the landing before ‘Santa’ put us to bed. We always managed to sleep through the reindeer landing on the roof, the chimney shenanigans and Rudolf eating the carrot that I chopped up for him because I didn’t want him to choke on the large pieces.

That childhood innocence is something that I often miss and when things get too stressful, all I want to do is curl up in a little ball and go back to that time when everything had a glow about it. Life was very simple as a child – though naturally I spent my childhood impatiently waiting for adulthood!

Christmas in Chiang Mai is obviously very different than back in the UK as we don’t have our family here. Since living here, we’ve always tried to spend it with as many friends as possible as it is a time for sharing after all (try telling me that when someone takes the last purple Quality Street) but it’s the one time of year when not having family around is difficult.

For me, the holidays are all about family, friends, excess food, excess wine, and general good spirits. I know that for some, this is not the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas, but for me it sums up the whole festive period. Christmas over here tends to creep up on us all and before we know it, it’s over. But I still like to make the most of it, despite not having the 12 week build up.

This year will be different for me; I won’t be waking up on Christmas Day with a hangover after a big party. Father Christmas will once again be returning to the Begley household (I have missed him over the last 25 years or so) and even though Ella will be too young to get excited, I’m sure I’ll be excited enough for all of us.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year! Here’s to 2012…