City Wine

 |  December 27, 2010

CityWine is the new wine initiative by Citylife. During the last quarter of 2010, CityWine organised a number of wine-focussed events supporting local establishments while stocking up the wine fridges of many wine buyers at well under retail prices. Two events in particular were a hit: the Oriental Fusion dinner at Ratchamankha Hotel was a top class event and the Gymkhana Club tasting was also a great night out. Both events were fully booked and the feedback to date has been excellent, which is testament to the fact that the interest in good food and wines is alive and well in Chiang Mai.

CityWine has just finalised a schedule of events for 2011. There will be a diverse range of wine tastings, dinners, seminars and classes lined up. A mixture of casual food and wine evenings and the more serious educational tastings for those who are really into their wines. The 2011 events are designed to bring the food and wine industry together on a regular basis, thereby supporting local businesses, and to offer you, the consumer, an opportunity to enjoy and purchase premium wines you don’t usually see at competitive prices.

Other events throughout the year include New World Wine Tasting and Dinner, New Latitude Wines of Khao Yai, a series of educational seminars and the launch of the CityWine website with online sales. You will be able to purchase wine and wine-related products and have them sent to your doorstep. CityWine welcomes your feedback and suggestions for future events, tastings or anything wine related. Send your correspondence to

So we look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Cheers from the CityWine team.

Saturday Splashed with Strawberries at Mon Jam

Saturday 29th January will see Mon Jam splashed with strawberries from His Majesty the King’s Nong Hoy Royal Project and of course Champagne (see October Citylife issue The finest Japanese delicacies are provided by Chiang Mai’s top Japanese restaurant, Tengoku de Cuisine (Thailand Tatler’s Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2010): slow roasted eggplant steeped in miso and sesame, sushi foie gras (goose liver foie gras on sushi rice wrapped in nori) and many more fabulous dishes will be served to match the 5 premium wines from 3 different countries followed by traditional Japanese sake selected by our wine writer (Life of Wine column). Wonderful music and entertainment will be provided by Sangdee Gallery. This is surely one not to miss.

Tickets with wine, sake, food and transportation to Mon Jam (45 minutes’ drive) are only 2,800 baht net per person and in case you would like to drive there by yourself, tickets are only 2,500 baht per person. We will leave the city from Citylife office at 3.45 p.m. and you will get to Mon Jam with plenty of time to see the stunning sunset, champagne in hand, and enjoy the magnificent views from the mountain top. We will dine at 6 p.m. on five courses of superb Japanese food – and of course some seriously mouthwatering special wines! Vans will return to the city at 8 and 9 p.m. Seats are limited to only 30, please reserve your seat in advance by calling 053 357 428, 053 225 201 or email