City Vibes

 |  June 26, 2009

Artist: Green Day

Album: 21st Century Breakdown


I haven’t been a Green Day fan since their 1994 blitzkrieg ‘Dookie’ which was a wild slice of post-punk cackling swaddled in dense Americana. Since then I haven’t given a flying stuff about Green Day, until now, fifteen years after ‘Dookie’ had me jarring my teenage neck on a lager stained dance-floor in East Anglia. The reason for my renewed interest, apart from writing this esteemed column, is that I’d like Green Day to pack it in. Yes, pack it in and go back to your garages. Toddle off and throw away your guitars because you have lost the ability to make music, in fact you lost it long ago, so put a sock in it will you?!

Artist: Eminem
Album: Relapse

Oh Eminem why must you taunt me so? People say I look like you, but you are far more handsome and have more cash and bitches. Must I always live in your shadow? Oh and another thing, can you stop making music because I for one am fed up with your garbled lyricisms and clunky beats and your references to your personal life. I’m going through a divorce by the way, so you chose to release ‘Relapse’ in the wrong month didn’t you? But you are regretting it now because I am one pissed-off reviewer the rest of the world is pretty miffed too because ‘Relapse’ is a load of old….

Artist: Company Flow
Album: Funcrusher Plus

This is a reissue of Company Flow’s 1997 classic album which still stands shoulders above the rest and is about to receive a new torrent of critical acclaim and album sales. Over a decade old, Funcrusher Plus still sounds fresh and innovative with biting, angry, idiosyncratic lyrics bouncing over the doom-laden rhythms and striking samples. The reissue comes only with subtle re-mastering and is devoid of bonus discs, bonus tracks or other hoodie goodies. So why has it been reissued? Because it is a pure, unadulterated, gritty, underground slice of hip-hop that is yet to be bettered.

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