City Vibes

 |  October 29, 2010

Artist: Davey Moss

Album: Morning Light


Davey Moss’ MA paper, ‘The Exploration of the Acoustic Guitar as a Medium for Creating Electronic Dance Music’ is a strong hint at of the artist’s belief that innovation should be at the core of musical experience. Moss rebuffs boundaries and frameworks to create improvised soundscapes in Blues, Dub and Folk with the guitar always at the forefront of his sound. Morning Light is a live studio recording which uses looping/recording in real time to build up layers of sound and beats using the guitar. The result is edgy, gritty and seductive; a genuine fusion of trusted conventions and a belief in one’s talent to push through the dusty doors of dogma.

Artist: Deerhunter

Album: Halcyon Digest


The release of Halcyon Digest marks of the arrival of one 2010’s albums of class. There is not a rhythm misplaced, a lyric lost or a genre diluted on this seminal long player, a gift to the masses who are offered more bile than style. What makes this album so fucking great is that it manages to not only breath easily in its own complexities, but it also canters with such naturalness, it sounds almost organic, even with its engagement with myriad instrumentation and experimentation. Check out the drunk sax on Coronado, or the downbeat rhythms of Helicopter. Class from start to finish.

Artist: Underworld

Album: Barking


Having grown up with Underworld fuelling the journeys from gate-crashing one student party to the next, eight-up in a Fiat Uno, it is impossible not to check out their latest releases. However, I haven’t heard anything that has impressed me from this once great tempest of Techno since 2002’s A Hundred Days Off! I was not among friends in my praise of that album, which marked the departure of Techno legend Darren Emerson from the band. Even with ‘DnB’ maestro High Contrast at the helm on the album’s first single Scribble, Underworld fail to rekindle the magic of Born Slippy and Dinosaur Adventure and have cobbled together a disappointing work.