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City Vibes

Artist: Massive Attack
Album: Atlas Air EP

This is a remix work of Massive Attack’s Atlas Air track, released on the disappointing Heligoland earlier this year. Tim Goldworthy and Jneiro Jarel turn what was a disco-drunk smack daddy into a more textural but equally bent trip-hop extrapolation, with some cool twists. In fact, this remix odyssey is truer to the deep, dark and lonely tunnels of some MA’s finest moments. Think Mezzanine meets Flying Lotus in a Meth lab. So what’s the point of it all I hear you cry? Well, its chaaaarity mate! All proceeds from the album will go to the War Child Charity, so don’t just pilfer this from the interweb, go out and buy it!

Artist: The Bug
Album: Infected

Kevin Martin, aka, The Bug delivered one of the most thrilling Dubstep releases to date in 2008’s London Zoo. It also showed how versatile the relatively new genre was becoming; in comparison to Burial’s sublime, haunting and cathartic warbling, London Zoo was a hard-edged, hard-nosed blitzkrieg of sound, an album that took no prisoners and left a trail of destruction in its wake. The principal role of Infected is to provide a appetite whetter to Martin’s next long player out next year and it provides a glimpse into a continuation of the amalgamation of reggae, dancehall and killer synth work that catapulted the Bug into the limelight.

Artist: The Orb/Youth
Album: Impossible Oddities

Impossible Oddities is essentially a trip down memory lane for late 80’s ravers, some of whom are probably still baffled as to what the fuck happened to blissed-out, drug-addled dancing in fields. Many of those found themselves waking up in a cow pat, as Acid House and free parties gave way to the Criminal Justice Act, Lounge music and health warnings on shell suits. The Orb have helpfully compiled some of their early rave works, and those of their contemporaries, on this ‘ere album which will remind those whose memories haven’t been completely quadrospazzed that there was a time when rave ruled the waves and reality had kicked the bucket.