City Vibes

 |  June 30, 2011

Artist: Burial

Album: Street Halo


Dubstep producer Burial is without doubt one of modern music’s true enigmas. Releasing his first two albums under anonymity, his unique interpretation of a genre that exploded into relevance impressed even the staunchest of critics. Burial’s 2007 album ‘Untrue’ was tipped to grab the much coveted Mercury Music Prize in 2008. Although the album didn’t win, it is widely cited as ‘an album of the decade’. ‘Street Halo’ is Burial’s first major release since ‘Untrue’ and it does not disappoint. Thankfully there is no attempt to reinvent after a lengthy production hiatus; this EP is pure Burial; dark, introspective and highly inventive music that will reverberate in a future that it so effectively conveys.

Artist: DJ Quik

Album: The Book of David


Hip hop albums get no easy ride in this column, so if you are like me and detest the lion’s share of modern Hip hop and Rap, but are in-sync with the underlying structure of fine groove, rhythm and poetry that are hallmarks the best of the genre encapsulates, then you will love this album. Ironically, DJ Quik has been behind some of the more, let’s be kind and say brash side of the genre, producing tracks for licentious luminaries such as Dr Dre, Snoop and Tupac, yet on ‘The Book of David’ he has come correct with a fine selection of soulful, simple sounds that are packed with funk and are instantly likeable.

Artist: Gang Gang Dance

Album: Eye Contact


Every now and then an album boldly bursts through the mainstream with such intrinsic mania it’s almost unlistenable. This is one such album, a crazed (mis)adventure of 80s synths, ghostly vocals and outrageously ardent arpeggios. It’s not House, it’s not Disco, it’s not Pop. I’ve listened to this four times and I’m at a loss to compartmentalise it, so why bother? This album is so decidedly and successfully freeform it deserves to bask in its own lack of conformity, even if those same bohemian qualities are at times annoying. Check out the track ‘Mind Killa’ for a taste of what’s to come and if you aren’t feeling it, I suggest you seek your jollies elsewhere.