City Vibes

 |  October 31, 2011

Artist: Girls

Album: Father, Son, Holy Ghost


Girls’ singer songer writer Christopher Owen is about to make you a very happy camper. ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ exudes a universal appeal, it could turn even the most jaded rock fan, the hardest nosed critic or even fans of K-Pop, who instead of being mercilessly crushed by a shit-soiled boot of integrity (as in the much touted scenario) should instead be bolted to a door and force fed Girls (the artist in question). Rarely does an album sound so intimate and engaging, even on first listen. This is a must have for 2011, an unmissable release of quality and poignant music.

Artist: The Field

Album: Looping State of Mind


In 2007 the Field released ‘From Here We Go Sublime’ and from the moment I heard it I was hooked. To someone not normally immersed in the underground world of minimalist Techno ‘From Here We Go…’ was a hard sell, but it proved to encapsulate such raw energy, infused with nuances that rewarded the patient of ear. ‘Looping State of Mind’ is a new generation of that sound born of the same animal and for that I am pleased because now and again its refreshing to embrace music that is pure and simple, not repetitive but hypnotic, detractors are missing out.

Artist: Nirvana

Album: Nevermind [20th Anniversary Edition]


The most pertinent question that begs to be answered on the back of this release is not just how f #king great it is twenty years on, but would Kurt Cobain be turning in his grave at the very notion of it? It’s hard to see who is going to buy this, although doubtlessly it will sell millions. Who exactly does not have this album in their collection? Who has missed out on Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom and Territorial Pissings? I hope the answer is no one, and I hope this reissue simply enables its fans to revisit a timeless classic or introduces a whole new generation to this electrifying sound.