City Talk: May 2013

 |  April 29, 2013

01 Anan, 49,
Writer, Thai

The temporary street art performed at Three Kings Monument last year. There were 3D paintings and it surprised me because I’d never seen something like that before. I didn’t even know it was possible!

02 Zhang Yan, 23,
Student, Chinese

Lost in Thailand, because the film shows the different sides of Thailand in a funny way, such as the traditional customs, foods and landscapes. This is why I decided to visit Chiang Mai, actually.

03 Chris Bacqlund, 59,
Miner, Swedish

The Egyptian pyramids, definitely. You’ll know why once you stand in front of them. It’s just the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.

04 Poramate, 28,
Mechanic, Thai

I would say country music in general. The lyrics are true because they always come from the heart.

05 Lance Mermet, 23,
Intern, Swiss

It was a performance from a French underground artist in my hometown. It was supposed to be a one-man show, but I honestly didn’t get any of the plot. The guy was just yelling, jumping, rolling on the floor, playing with all kind of secretions and was dressed as a butterfly. It was really impressive and I laughed from beginning to end.

06 Nat Smith, 29,
New Zealander

It was at the Fringe Festival, a huge art event in Edinburgh. There was a room full of massive human sculptures, including one giant baby that looked pretty real.

07 Chanyaphat, 51,
Handmade Crafts Seller, Thai

All pieces in the Louvre Museum of France. It changed my life when I went there, and it had a big influence on my choice to work in the art industry.

08 Dave Smith, 28,
Engineer, New Zealander

Music concerts are the most intense piece of art I can think of. If I had to choose one, it would be Ryan Adams performing live in the UK. The music and the performance were amazing.

09 Nattapan Yarangka, 22,
Student, Thai

Any artwork from Thawan Duchanee, especially the paintings done on burlap. Every time I look at one of these pieces of art, it makes me feel powerful.

10 Satthapat Eiampikul, 21,
Student, Thai

For me, philosophical movies are a kind of art. Now I think Life of Pi is the best movie I’ve ever seen because this movie talks about believing in religion and the truth which are very sensitive subjects for humans. It makes me wonder about how we are living with religion and the truth nowadays.