City Talk

 |  August 29, 2013

Jennifer Coulter, 20

Student, Thai/American

My fave Thai dish is khao soy (egg noodles and curry) at Khao Soy Faham on Charoenrat Road – the moo satay (grilled pork on sticks) is also fantastic!

Nathan Yuri Mohler, 19

Student, Brazilian

I’d have to say my favourite Thai dish is tom yum kung (prawn soup with lemongrass). However, even though I love Thai food, the best place to eat in Chiang Mai for me is the German restaurant at the night bazaar called German Hofbrauhaus. It has a variety of Western and Thai dishes. I also like Casa Antonio.

Cricket Franck Dodge, 48

Elementary Teacher, American

My favourite Thai dish is khao mok gai (biryani rice with chicken) and the best spot is at Ran Prince, on the corner of Kaewnawarat and the shortcut through to the wat near Chiang Mai International School. The shop has been there for many, many years. They also have khao soy and the best kanom jeep (steamed dumplings filled with ground pork), so I fully recommend it!

Timna Gabre, 20

Student, Swedish

Such a difficult question! I absolutely love all the street food – who doesn’t?! But not counting the street food, I’d go for soft-shell crab in curry called pu paht pong karee and I always get it at a restaurant in Sansai called Kanom Jin Baan Suan. So yummy!

Nai Glinhom, 50+

Piano Teacher, Thai

One of my favourite Thai dishes is crispy fried pla kra bog (fish) with turmeric. There is a restaurant called Janhom situated on the ground floor at the driving range opposite Airport Plaza that specialises in Southern food. Medium atmosphere, but great food.

Thomas Haitsma, 17

Student, Dutch

My favourite dish would have to be khao ka moo (rice with pork leg) and I think the best place to eat it is the food stalls at the Sunday Walking Street.

Daniela Riley, 36

Marketing Consultant, American

My favourite Thai dish is without a doubt jackfruit curry. Thailand has lots of great curries but jackfruit curry is the star! Many places in Chiang Mai serve it, but I like to make it at home using young jackfruit.

Thanchanok Chaiprasit, 18

Student, Thai

My fave dish is som tam (papaya salad) served at Tum Lare, which can be found in Airport Plaza and The Harbour. They have a large variety of som tam and some of their dishes are really creative. I really like their tum kratoey, which is som tam with fried egg.

Paris Espana, 51

Counsellor and Broadcasting 

Manager, Filipino

I like pad krapow moo (rice with pork and basil) with fried egg because it has somewhat of a Filipino flavour but with spice, so it’s like a half and half from both cultures. It is very good at Steak Jan Duan, opposite McCormick Hospital. They serve it with a lot of sauce and it’s really yummy.

Josh Dornan, 15

Student, British

I’d have to say that my favourite Thai dish is probably khao man gai (chicken with rice). It’s simple and tasty and I just really like the soup that usually comes with it. The best place to eat it, I would say, is either at The Duke’s or Hinlay Curry House at Na Wat Gate.