City Talk

 |  September 30, 2013

Wichada Mali, 26

Pharmacist, Thai

I love Ang Thong Islands in Surat Thani so much! You have to be tough and hike a little bit if you want to have a nice view of the islands. I got a bit injured from the hiking but it couldn’t stop me from going there again.

Herman Lim, 30

Hotel Crew, Indonesian

I like Green Palace Temple [Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok]. It is a beautiful place. The design and decoration is perfect. I love that place. The buildings, themselves are perfect, so unique. I just can’t explain!

Tinnakorn Nukul, 40

Photographer, Thai

Mae Ngad Dam. I like that it still does not have a telephone signal so that I can truly be with nature.

Nattaporn Kleawseenak, 25

Translator, Thai

I always want to go back to Koh Kood. It’s renowned as Thailand’s Maldives. I think it is the most serene beach I have ever been to. Koh Kood is a perfect place to reset your mind and forget about the rest of the world! Fresh air, beautiful nature and a breathtaking beach, what else do you want for a vacation?

Utsab Malakar, 21

Animator, Nepalese

I really like tigers. They are one of my favourite animals. I always wanted to visit Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi to see the unique relationship between the monks and the tigers. There are many breeds of tigers there. So I would surely spend a weekend with the tigers in Tiger Temple. 

Apichart Samsaen, 26

Business Owner, Thai

I always want to go camping with friends at Phu Chi Fa in Chiang Rai. We will just chill out – chatting, drinking at night – and wake up very early to watch the sun rise from the “fog sea.” I just love it!

Patrick Arnoldus, 45

Manager, Dutch

I like going to a resort with my family. We can have a great time together – relaxing, swimming, doing nothing much.

Padaphorn Benjayart, 26

Teacher, Thai

I love Andaman Sea and Phromthep Cape on Phuket Island. They’re perfect, great scenery. Phromthep Cape is good for a sunset viewpoint. It’s so cool and romantic too.

Sin Naisena, 64

Caretaker, Thai

I like going with my wife to Bua Tong Waterfall in Phrao District near my house. The waterfall is very clear and beautiful. We just hang out and swim a little bit.

Suwanna Panpinit, 26

Translator, Tha

I like to go shopping at the market in front of Ramkhamhaeng University. There are a lot of clothes and accessories, both new and secondhand, and from modern to vintage. Food is also yummy. And if I am tired from walking, I can just sit and relax or go for a massage.