City Talk

 |  October 31, 2013

Noppharat Buaphaichit, 29, 

Photographer, Thai

It’s just natural. I feel that this photo tries to say that human is just an animal. We don’t have to wear anything to be with nature. It’s cool. For me it’s an art, not anything that should be ashamed of.

Pratchaya Yotdamrongroj, 26, 

Salesperson, Thai

I think that if those who are standing there naked are foreigners, it should be fine because I heard that they do it often in their countries. But if they are Thai, I don’t think it’s proper, especially if this picture is going to be a cover of a magazine in Chiang Mai.

Chayanich Torcharroen, 17, 

Student, Thai

I think it’s okay, not ugly at all. Actually I find it very natural and attractive. It makes me want to open the magazine to see what happens inside!

Bussara Chanmanee, 47, 

Business Owner, Thai

It’s not okay to be on the cover. Chiang Mai has different culture than in foreign countries. If this happens in other countries where this is normal, I won’t say it’s inappropriate. But if this could be on a magazine in Chiang Mai, I will only say no.

Panumas Wongyai, 26, 

Nurse, Thai

I don’t feel anything! Maybe it’s because of I’ve seen these kinds of things a lot. Well, I think it doesn’t matter at all if it would be on the cover. Go for it!

Surat Yathana, 27, 

Artist, Thai

Chiang Mai is not that city of art, so I think this photo is too strong for Chiang Mai people. For me, I don’t think it’s inappropriate, but if it will be on a cover, I don’t think so. Maybe a little bit if blurred lines?

Karin (25), Editor and Dimar, 32, 

Salesperson, Dutch

We think it’s too stand-out. We won’t pick it up if we see it on the shelf because we’re not quite sure what it’s about. We can’t get the message and it doesn’t seem like Chiang Mai. Maybe some more clothes?

Nancy, 28, 

Tourist, American

I think it’s beautiful and yeah, it’s natural. I’d pick it up if I saw it on the shelf. There’s nothing wrong with putting it on the cover.

Chutsirin Sukmai, 24,


I don’t think it should be on the cover. I can’t see how it is natural because the naked people just pop up from the rice field, from nature. If you want to say “naturists” maybe try another way to say how people live with nature.

Vilaykone Chalernsoul, 34, 

Graduate Student, Lao

It is not good for Thai culture. It just makes me think that those people are sick of city life, so they decide to move out of the city. Why are those people naked and raising their hands up in that natural location? It suggests nothing natural.