City Talk

 |  December 2, 2013

Pooja Kothari, 22

Intern, Indian

I would like Santa to give me an amazing job once I leave my internship at Citylife and return to India!

Shana Kongmun, 40-something

Editor, American

Can Santa fix the traffic lights on Nimmanhaemin so they don’t last 20 minutes? That’s what I want for Christmas.

Saran Dolpipatpongm, 23, 

Writer, Thai

I want lot of movie tickets so that I never have to buy them again! I don’t want more sweaters since it’s never cold in Thailand.

Ploy Ka, 29

Businesswoman, Thai

I want Santa to bring me a cute guy for Christmas and not bring me a gay!

Adrian Fleur, 23

Writer, South African

I want Santa to let me adopt the local’s favourite street dog, Daeng. I don’t want any of the other street dogs to find out because they’ll maul me out of jealousy.

Wilasinee Chantra, 35

Accountant, Thai

I want Santa to bring me a new mobile phone! I want Santa not to bring me any darkness in my life. I hope Santa grants me both. 

Wipawan Dunmek, 25, 

Editorial Assistant, Thai

I want lots of money, enough for everyone in this world to live happily.

Sherry Yu, 23 

Student, Chinese

This Christmas I want a world tour ticket! I don’t want any loneliness because I don’t like to be alone.

Momina Nazir, 24 

UN Assistant, Pakistani

I want NARS sheer glow in the shade of Barcelona! I don’t want Santa to give me any more red lipsticks because I bought one from MAC yesterday and disliked it.

Devki Modi, 22

Artist, Indian

I want Santa to get me admission in the best art college and get a Master’s Degree. I don’t want Santa to let me stay in India for the summer. It is very hot.