City Talk

 |  July 1, 2011

City Talk

What’s the most memorable thing you’re read or seen in Citylife since you frist started reading the mazazine!

The photograph taken in 1968 from the Rincome looking up to Doi Suthep – nothing to be seen. Inside front cover of the old Newsletter.

I first started reading this magazine since its very first issue (and many years before it was called Chiang Mai Citylife) so that’s hard to answer. However, on a month-by-month basis I really enjoy reading City Vibes by Tom Parker – that guy is amazing. The most recent article that impressed me was in the April 2011 issue the story ‘Stream of Lanna Wisdom’ by Pim Kemasingki. Fantastic story. It really made me want to learn so much more about Lanna culture and it was reassuring to know that there are others that want to preserve the local cultural traditions.

Chiang Mai Citylife is an English magazine with a unique blend of coverage from useful information and interesting facts that reflect the originality and uniqueness of Chiang Mai. With the excitement from the variety of articles on Lanna style food, languages, cultures, historical places, Chiang Mai travel destinations, local products, and academic institutions that meet the international standards, Citylife attracts tourists and foreigners to visit and even find a home in the city of Chiang Mai. As a supportive and talented person Pim has a vision with intuitive insights and a great global perspective that gives her a distinctive style to portray and represent the uniqueness and inspirational aspects of Chiang Mai.

An article of note for me was one about a western guy in a Thai prison. It was a few years ago and I just remember musing about the resilience of the human spirit. I remember an anecdote about using a fork jammed into a power outlet to heat water.

The first impression is that the covers are beautiful every issue. They are very unique and meaningful. The articles are fun and knowledgeable. I can also look through the magazine for great accommodation, restaurants, travels and much more. This is the magazine I have to read and follow every month.

It was one of Pim’s articles in Chiang Mai Newsletter about some sort of disagreement with her father. She called herself ‘Absolute Pepper’ back then.

I cannot specify which column, feature or topic I like the most because I’ve fallen in love with the whole magazine from the front cover to the back cover. I do not remember which issue of Citylife I first experienced. All I can remember is that I once saw it displayed on a rack in a hotel some years ago. The cover was eye-catching, and as a result, it attracted my attention and curiosity. I wanted to explore the inside. Knowing that it was free of charge, I took it home and started reading it right away. To my surprise, the magazine is somehow better than some in-flight magazines. I’m glad that now I have a chance to read almost every issue.

I must say I still miss that monthly contribution of mischievous satire on the local expat bar scene. Other readers would tell me they recognised The Writers Club as the setting but it was so damned funny that I never took exception, even when I appeared to be the target of a particular barb.

The most memorable thing is the beautiful and colourful layout of this magazine. The quality of paper is very good. I often like to pick this magazine up when I have free time.

There have been so many memorable articles over the years so it is difficult to point one out. But what I really like to read is Pim Kemasingki’s editorials. You don’t read many editorials like this in Thailand or even Asia. Somehow always very personal with bite in them drawn right from political to social to common issues that we are all facing in our daily life. These editorials really make Citylife stand out from the rest. Well done Pim!

Difficult question as there have many been many articles/stories that have gained my attention over the years. But my most memorable or most concerning would have been 10 years or so ago when you announced that Mr. Anthony Robertson would be writing a regular sports column in your magazine. Most magazines worldwide would not have had the courage (yes, Minister style courage) to allocate publishing space to a kiwi lawyer and expect or hope for, unbiased journalistic pieces regarding sport. But you did, and as the All Blacks were not at their most prestigious at that time we all learned about NZ girl’s rugby, netball, softball, etc, from a NZ perspective. All very enlightening stuff.

I am really impressed with Citylife Magazine, it rocks Chiang Mai city. Every article and photo can get inside the readers’ minds, as well as showing us what’s happening in and around Chiang Mai. Fantastic!

What I think of when someone mentions Citylife is Pim. She’s a good friend of mine, a good person. I think she is now and will be an influential person in Chiang Mai in the future as well. She has a voice and isn’t afraid to use it.

I like the articles about the past and the features on long term expats and their experiences in Chiang Mai and Thailand.

Great Stuff

For me, from the last two editions would have to be, the articles about the musicians’ arrests and the cure for diseases. It’s very difficult to find good articles that well written and with sufficient details, yet readable to everyone. Plus it’s in English, easier to read than Thai!

I am a big fan of Citylife and I am definitely confident that everyone knows Citylife Magazine because it is full of interesting articles in every issue. I like the ‘Society’ column because I can see many well-known people giving interviews, so I can acknowledge their attitudes, ideas and life experience.

Well, I actually have read and seen many memorable things from the Citylife magazine. However, “Tom and Dot Delaney; 56 years and counting” seemed to touch me the most. They are a good sample of a married couple living together nowadays. Life is difficult but how they adjust themselves to be compatible is important.

It is very difficult to pick just one memorable article from Citylife. All I can say is that I look forward every month to the magazine arriving in my Letter Box. Upon arrival I drop everything, sit down and read it from cover to cover.
Most articles I find interesting, sometimes amusing, but on the whole the magazine is very informative.

Citylife once did a piece on love motels in Chiang Mai. I found it quite interesting and daring to say the least! Who knew you could rent a room by the hour in the theme of a spaceship?

I always follow Pim’s articles in Citylife magazine. I like the way she interviews and writes expressing opinions and knowledge.