City Talk

 |  April 25, 2012

What’s your dream job and why?

My dream job is to be a pizza delivery boy that sells his own brand of sauce secretly on the side…because it’s easy and I love pizza.
Joshua Lucas Oates
British, 22,
Runs a record label

My dream job is working among foreign people in order to practice my English!
Namfon Saowarod
Thai, 23
Administrative staff

My dream job is a flight attendant. If I were a flight attendant, I would have a chance to meet lots of people from different cultures. Also, I would enjoy travelling it would be better than working amongst piles of paper in the same office.
Wachira Treejaroen
Thai, 21
English Language student

Chocolate tester, no need for explanation!
Ann Robinson
English, 56

I want to be a florist because I love flowers; they are so pleasant to be with.
Thai, 21
Multimedia Designer

My dream job is to be a model. I want to model abroad and hope to live in England and settle down there.
Korawit Intalor
Thai, 17
Business and
Computers student

I want to be a top businesswoman because I want to see our country prosper.
Nantana Inkaew
Thai, 18
Business and
Computers student

I want to be a teacher. Teachers are the ones who guide the way for the students and for the world. It is an honourable occupation because giving knowledge is one of the best things one could do, just as the Lord Buddha did.
Thai, 20

I don’t have an exact answer to the question because life is full of uncertainties. Many people do not get to work in the field they have studied. I just want to see the world, do some work abroad and then come back to Thailand. Opening a small coffee shop in the mountains would be nice. Life’s short, we should do whatever we please.
Thanit Lertwiriyanant
Thai, 20,

The future is not ours to see, and neither is my dream job. I used to want to be a flight attendant because I wanted to travel around the world and see other people, other cultures. Sadly I am too short. However, being a tour guide would also allow me to travel. I love travelling, taking photos of beautiful landscapes. I would like to write a pocketbook based on all the photos I take in order to share what I have seen with others. That would make me the happiest man on earth.
Thanawat Promwimanrat
Thai, 17

My dream job is a tour guide because I love travelling and it would be fun to introduce Chiang Mai and many of its attractions to tourists.
Thai, 17

I want to be a famous fashion designer or work for famous brands. Unfortunately, some of my family advises against it as it is hard to find a place in the industry. My neighbour, for example, who is a Fine Arts graduate, is still unemployed. Therefore, I decided to study nursing so that my family and I will have a promising future. I still hope that someday I will get to pursue my dream, and that day is yet to come.
Thai, 17