City Talk

 |  March 28, 2014

Laura Gibbs, 26
Teacher, British

“I have great memories of Songkran. I try not to celebrate in the same place so every year I take a holiday to a nearby country. After experiencing the fire hoses used in Myanmar and the talcum powder equivalent of Songkran in Cambodia I can definitely say Chiang Mai’s Songkran has been my favourite so far!!”

Turn Argo, 18
Student, Thai

“It’s sometimes scary, but mostly funny, but I like the fights that sometimes break out. Last year, two guys got in a fight but because everything was wet, they both slipped onto each other and just ended up laughing.”

Pim Kemasingki, 40
Citylife Managing Editor, Thai/British

“Was delicately squirted as I was walking down a road one day. There was no Songkran action in sight, just cars stuck in traffic. I looked around for the source of my aqua attack but found none. A few seconds later there was another tiny squirt. I looked over and saw a large-haired older Thai lady, decked out to the nines, sitting in her Merc…giggling away. She had turned her windshield washer nozzles to the side and was sweetly enjoying a very high-so Songkran in her air-conned comfort! It was cute. She looked so giggly-guilty, like she was doing something naughty!”

Chalita Hupertz, 18
Student, Thai

“My best Songkran is pretty much every year because me and my friends always celebrate at least five days before the actual date. I meet my old friends and my whole family in Khon Kaen. In the morning, I go to the temple and clean the urns of my great grandparents and join the Songkran parade. In the afternoon, I go to Kao Niew Street in a pick-up truck with huge water tanks to enjoy the foam party and concert!”

Prae Phonboon, 24
Volunteer at Urban Light, Thai

“Traffic is horrible, it’s so hard to get around and there are accidents everywhere! Last year, I was stuck for an hour and a half trying to get out of the Old City!”

Chris Sujarit, 27
Communications Officer, American

“My best friend and I went to Huay Tueng Tao Lake to take part of the “Chiang Mai beach” Songkran scene. So many people; so many naked children running around; so many fully-clothed adults floating on inner tubes as far as the eye could see. If you’re a fan of som tam, gai yang, and beer, they’ve got all that. After partaking and partying in a sea of thousands of Thai families and a few adventurous farangs, we took our swamp-ass soaked jorts (jean shorts) and sat on the warm vinyl seats of a songtaew for the hour long ride home. Worst memory: Ice cold water sobers you up. Life is hard.”

Shauna Pugh, 51
Owner of Soho Bar and Guesthouse, American

“My most memorable experience for Songkran was when we rented an all-day tuk tuk, drank and splashed all day. The most awful Songkran was in Pattaya where the farangs were awfully drunk and annoying. My most fun of all has been Songkran at Soho Bar since we are located smack in the middle of a water fight, and the best part is spending it with friends. I think the most important is going home to my girlfriend’s grandmother’s house and having her wrap our wrists and bless our lives for the year.”

Acacia & Anna Foster, 12 & 10
Students, American 

“Whenever the songtaews go by, we like to jump on the back and spray the people inside because they can’t get out. That’s the best!”