City Talk

 |  December 3, 2012

“One year, when I was just a little guy, my older sisterconceived an elaborate plot for my Christmas present. She wrapped a big box andcut holes ‘for air’ all over it, and pretended to feed the thing periodically.The anticipation and curiosity killed me for the week or two before we finallyopened presents on Christmas morn’. I would sit next to the tree just watchingthe box, hoping to see or hear what animal was trapped inside. Finally, thefateful morning arrived, and I tore open the box to find a large rubber snake.I kept that snake for at least a decade.

“When I was in the high school, I often planned many thingsto persecute my best friend. At her birthday I gave her a big and huge box thathad got the lizard doll inside it. It was just very fun to make her surprisedwhile I was laughing. 555!”

“Well, my grandfather once gave me a pair of stone slabswith the Ten Commandments written on them. Not exactly sure what he was tryingto say there.”

“I love giving practical gifts, but I also like to give myniece loud musical instruments or annoying family games… because I love mybrother so much.”

“On my 17th birthday, my best friend gave me a baby monkeyto look after for a short time. It was very hyper and thievish. I forgave itthough, because it could collect coconuts from the top of trees for me!”

“I used to get 10% discount from the restaurant as a gift.”

“I will make a special winner trophy for my friend that heis excellent alcohol drinker in Thailand, because he always drinks hardalcohol. The winner trophy is shaped like a bottle of spirit and I will write‘the blame of alcohol’ beside the trophy. It may warn my friend to drinkalcohol lesser.”

“The best gift we were ever given was a dog. We named him‘Ali’ after Muhammed Ali. Rumble in the jungle!”

“A huge pink teddy bear (1 m. 50 inch)”