City Talk

 |  February 26, 2013

01 Sharon Fleming, 63 

Teacher, American

I want to visit Nepal because I want to see the Himalayas and do some trekking in the high mountain regions. I also want to get to know the culture in Nepal by spending some time in some of the villages. I would like to view some wildlife that is unique to that region of Asia by visiting Bardia Park, which is quite unaffected by tourism and changes to the environment. There are still some regions where people are living very much like the tribes lived for many years so I want to get to know the culture as well.

02 Mai Nguyen, 24 

Intern, Canadian

If I could, it would have to be Mount Kailash in Tibet. But the key word here is could. It’s a sacred mountain and considered the holiest of Himalayan mountains so you would need a permit to hike up there. The most you can do is hike around the base of the mountain, which I’ve heard is an incredibly enlightening experience. You meet a diversity of cultures and get bestowed with good fortune supposedly. It takes four days to just drive to the base, but I would love to explore this unbeaten track.

03 Jonégonde des Pommiers  

22, Traveller, French

I’m leaving now, but if I could come back to Asia, I would like to discover countries around Thailand. Even if I stayed five months, two days off per week were not enough to change countries!  I just went to Burma and Laos (but for my visa)! So next time, if I can come back, I would like to discover countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia… But maybe also somewhere in China to see a different way of life. Maybe with my studies next year!

04 Mary Ann Furda, 61 

Teacher, American

At the end of April, I will be going to Bhutan to do trekking because I love to trek. Bhutan is, as I understand it, relatively unspoiled. I’ve found that the people in Thailand and especially in Chiang Mai are very open hearted and friendly and I anticipate that it will be similar in Bhutan. I also love climbing  mountainous terrain and I anticipate that I will find that in Bhutan.

05 Winnie Singhatong, 22

Student, Thai

Oh that would be really great if I could go to Japan because I used to watch a lot of Japanese movies and I was fascinated with their unique cities. Especially Tokyo, almost 35 million people live there but everybody looks solitary; sometimes I want to feel the strangeness.

06 Eiwz Patcharin, 22

Student, Thai

My first choice is India. I want to feel the cultural diversities and adventure in the deep forest by catching an Indian train. It is absolutely amazing and once in my life I won’t forget going to the Taj Mahal.

07 Will Moyer, 27 

Web Designer, American

Tokyo! I’ve been in Asia for three years and still haven’t been to Japan, so I feel like I’m missing an essential component in my travelling cred. Plus, Tokyo is like the biggest city in the world (35 million people) and it’s a technological dream world metropolis. It’s right up my soi. I’m pretty sure they have flying cars there.

08 Jason Berkeley, 23

Teacher, Australian

If I could travel anywhere in Asia, I would go to Burma. I think it would be great to see, before the wave of mass tourism that is bound to arrive in the coming years.

09 Sai Laung Lyann, 18

Student, Burmese

Singapore, because that country has a lot of nice places to visit. In my life if I can arrive there, I will be really happy.

10 Varintorn Suriyakam, 22

Student, Thai

I would like to go to the Maldives. There is the beautiful beach and romantic place, suitable for a sweet time with my lover.