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City Talk

01 Na Waves, 23
Student Teacher, Thai

I beat the heat in April by slowing down, dressing simply and avoiding strenuous activity.  I also make sure to drink lots of water, even if I’m not thirsty.  Drinking water keeps your body cool.

02 Martin Talbot, 25

Teacher, British

To stay cool this summer I plan to either live in the snow dome at the Chiang Mai Zoo…or move back to England.

03 Aun Dechaboon, 30

Office Worker, Thai

I think I will go and visit the shopping centres around the city more often.  They are nice and cool, and a good way to stay out of the heat.

04 Melissa Bressler, 22

Intern, American

Ever since I moved to Chiang Mai, I’ve been keeping cool with lots of smoothies and way too much ice cream. There are so many awesome places to try here!

05 Warin ‘Icy’ Inthayot, 35

Fashion Designer, Thai

When it’s hot outside I sometimes don’t even notice! I’m a workaholic, and tend to spend a lot of time indoors working.  When I’m not working, to stay cool indoors I like to play with my cat.

06 Note Wandee, 30

Office Worker, Thai

When I’m not working, I like to go to Huay Tung Tao Lake and drink beer with my friends on the weekend.

07 Hannah Trevino, 23

Intern, American

There is something to be said about the cooling powers of an iced coffee.  When it starts to get too hot outside you can find me sitting at a café sipping on an iced latte, people watching.

08 Ploy Pattanaprommas, 24

Volunteer, Thai

With the temperatures rising, it’s a good excuse to head to the beach. I like to take trips to Phuket with my friends.

09 Matsarin Chuminjak, 23

Student Teacher, Thai

I usually deal with the summer heat by wearing shorts and making sure that I drink cool water, but I love to get away to a beach or an island when I can.   My other favourite way to stay cool is by throwing water at Songkran!

10 Kuba Grey, 29

I.T. Worker, Polish

I take off my clothes.