City Talk

 |  May 28, 2013

01 Rosilda Clark, 24, 

Traveller, British

I love spinning, mainly because of how intense it is. It’s kind of a love/hate relationship because you have someone barking at you to go harder, but it’s so rewarding at the end. .

02  Anupong Sangmeneekam, 

22, Student, Thai

My best activity is riding motocross into the jungle with my father. I love it not only because I love riding but also because I gain a lot of experience. Sometimes I have to ride over the river, or there’s been other times when I run out of fuel and we have to wait until 3 a.m. to get out of the jungle. It’s very exciting for me.

03 Naatsita Nawatfuangsakul, 

30s, Office Worker, Thai 

The worst activity is running or jogging. In high school I was in the school band and we had to run early in the mornings, late evenings – all the time. It left a very bad impression. If I have to exercise, jogging will be my last choice.

 04 Anita Temmermans, 

52, Therapist, Dutch

I hate fitness, but if I have to do something, I like yoga. I also like swimming because it gives me more energy, yet it is very relaxing at the same time. I can also fit it into my schedule easily; I have limited time with work so I like that I can plan it whenever I want and do it by myself.

05 Wanwisa Sirikhampa, 31, 

Office Worker, Thai


I love to dance and normally I do so at night. Other times I play badminton with my friends at the gym. It’s my favourite thing to do because it gives me time to spend with my friends and build our relationship. Afterward we can go out for dinner, and it is all very enjoyable.

06 Natalie Hernandez, 21, 

Intern, American

The best activity I’ve done by far is Muay Thai. I tried it out for a workout article that I wrote this month for Citylife (see pg. 20) and I am hooked. I don’t know why, I guess I just love the intensity of it and how powerful it makes you feel. I can definitely understand why people become fighters, if I could stay here and train for it, I definitely would!

07 Wannakorn Moolkam, 25,

Editor, Thai

When I was young, my friends and I played hide-and-seek in my village. I hid in an abandoned house. I climbed up on the ceiling under the roof and stayed there for almost 30 minutes. When my friends couldn’t find me and it started getting dark, I went down and found that they all went back home and left me to wait there alone!

08 Brett Mather, 24, 

Traveller, Australian 

The hardest workout I’ve ever done was a tyre run. You have to push the tyre up and down hills. Where they don’t roll you must carry them. And mind you… these are tractor tyres. You do it in pairs or with three people.