City Talk

 |  June 26, 2013

1. Olivia Yerardi, 21Medical Student, AmericanI love going mud sliding down hills. It’s a little harderback home in Colorado because half the time it’s snowing outside, but Thailandis the perfect place to get dirty and go flying down a mud slide!

2. Courtney Winkleman, 22Intern, AmericanThere’s nothing like opening the first page to a new bookI’ve been meaning to read, but never had the time to. If I don’t have any newreads on hand, there’s always rainy day cocktails that make me feel like I’m onthe beach.

3. Jame, 16Student, ThaiI like helping out at the restaurant. There’s nothing to dofor me when it’s raining, so I don’t mind working more. It’s fun for me!

4. Ronja Zuffellato, 25Traveller, SwedishAfter experiencing the culture and religion of Thailand, Ihave come to appreciate the peaceful moments we each have to ourselves. I lovethe soothing sound of rain, so I see the rain as an opportunity to meditate andpractice yoga with the real sounds of nature, not just my CD!

5. Anna Brooks, 24Journalist, CanadianSadly, the worst of tasks are saved for my rainy days:cleaning and re-organising…everything. But with some loud tunes or an epicmovie on in the background, having a good clean doesn’t seem all that bad.Especially when you know you’re not missing out on a nice, sunny day.

6. Stephanie Babiarz, 22Physiotherapist, AmericanIf it’s not too cold out, my friends and I have a traditionto go out and play sand volleyball in the rain. Just because it’s rainingdoesn’t mean you’re stuck indoors all day!

7. Sarah Parker, 19Teaching Assistant, EnglishI love to eat on rainy days. The weather outside is bad,might as well indulge with food and a cup of tea.

8. May Lin, 21Student, AustralianAs an artist, I love to paint landscapes, and right after arainfall the colours in nature are always so vivid. So, during the rain Iprepare by collecting my art materials, and then I usually make a hot chocolateand daydream out the window as I wait for it to pass. It is always so relaxing

9. Naphat de Bruin, 31Office Assistant, ThaiI always go over to my sister’s house and play with mynephew. Maybe go for a swim too and then go out for a nice dinner.

10. Emma Stewart, 19Intern, CanadianA few years ago in Toronto, two weeks went by when it rainedall day, every day. I remember after the first few days my friend threw a‘Rainy Day Escape’ party that included an indoor picnic and hundreds of candlesto make up for the loss of electricity! It was definitely a memorable way towait out the storm.