City Talk

 |  July 31, 2013

Caroline Yu, 40 

Teacher, Chinese

I decided to come to Chiang Mai after seeing the film Lost in Thailand which was very popular in China. The thing I like best? The culture. Also, the scenery makes you very relaxed!

Steven Hu, 35

Trader, Chinese

I’ve spent the last three winters in Thailand, and last year I stayed in Chiang Mai for three months – Shanghai’s so cold! I like the food and the company best, especially in the Nimmanhaemin area.

Michelle Yip, 24

Bank Teller, Chinese

My mother is originally from Thailand, but our family lives in Shanghai. I’ve been to Chiang Mai as a child, but I am happy coming here as an adult to the beautiful culture and to eat all the delicious food.

Cynthia Ge, 19

Student, Chinese

I came to Chiang Mai for the experience of teaching Chinese language to monks. It is a great experience, and I also love Chiang Mai for the good, cheap food that is everywhere!

Samantha Chen & Venna Deng, 28, 25

Export Businesswomen, Chinese

We’ve heard wonderful things about Chiang Mai _ we just arrived today. We’re really looking forward to seeing the gold Buddhist temples and beautiful scenery.

Libby Wang, 19

Student, Chinese

I’m here volunteering – I teach monks Chinese which is really interesting! For me, the Buddhist art drawn by the monks I teach (even the younger ones!) is what I have come to love most about the city.

Zhang Mengxuan & Lu Zheng, 12, 62

Student, Retired, Chinese

We’ve been hearing great things about Chiang Mai – we just arrived and we are loving the food!

Lynne Ma, 21

Student, Chinese

I travel to Thailand because it’s one of the best countries in the world. This is my second time in Thailand, but first in Chiang Mai. I like it because it’s less busy than Bangkok and is less expensive for shopping.

Shirley Xin,  35

Export Businesswoman, Chinese

Our friend recommended Chiang Mai and so far we’re enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and interesting culture.

Emelia Grey, 28 

Architect, Chinese

The food in Chiang Mai is delicious and the shopping at the markets is incredible. I also came to Thailand for the beautiful beaches.