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 |  July 31, 2009

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John Almquist won his second ‘Little Man’ for the year at Highlands by applying that old golf truism. Hit fairways and greens and the score will look after itself. Fourteen fairways hit and ten greens reached in regulation were John’s statistics on his way to a three shot victory.
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When the Farangutans have played recently, with a few new additions to the team, the boys have been phenomenal. In July they were invited to play in a short tournament with Suthep FC, the CMU main team and another team whose name is unknown though they played in yellow. Funnily enough, most of the teams lately seem to be playing in either red or yellow. Politics caused no fractures nor resulting violence, and the games were all played in good spirits and no car windows were smashed or local pork knuckle vendours looted. The yellow team played the farang first, losing the game 7-2. The first half ended 3-2 to the foreigners and it seemed the game would be a difficult one, though during the second half the farang stepped up and scored a volley of goals leaving the yellow team distraught, their football seemed effete in the face of the much more vigorous side.

In the second game the Farangutans played Suthep (red), a team much younger than the foreigners and well, much better. Suthep moved the ball around gracefully and played hard in every position, giving the farang no room to breathe, all attacks came to nothing as Suthep blockaded the midfield and left few options for a much weaker, disparate, and desperate foreign team. Final score 4-1.
Though in a twist of fate the Farangutans ended up in the final. CMU decided to veto their semi-final, claiming higher powers (some think the rain) were the reason. That meant, as Suthep lost their game to CMU, that the farang were to play the yellow team again in the final. The yellows, again, came out firing and went one up, though it seemed, again, with the slightest opposition, verve, enthusiasm, they buckled and flailed, and quickly the farang built up a convincing lead. The final score 7-2, again! (It seemed like history was repeating itself) leaving the foreign side, playing in blue, victors over the reds and the yellows. Most importantly, the silverware, well plastic, is now property of the Farangutans. Suthep must have felt robbed.

After the floods came the sunshine and with it the sports people of Chiang Mai came trundling out of their cots two by two to pit themselves against one another again. Softball has seen some glorious weekends under the rays, so if this keeps up (time of writing) get yourself down to the field. Anyone is invited to play, just turn up with a pair of shorts and some sun block and you’re in the team.
Payap University-Mae Khao Campus, athletic field, across from the Saithantham Arena. Enter from either the Super Highway (near Carrefour) or the Ring Road (closer to field). Time: 2-4 p.m. every Sunday.
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