City Sport

 |  September 30, 2009

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5-day Junior Golf & Tennis Camps
The sport camps include 5 full days of intensive golf or tennis training. Day or Residential Camp options are available. Full packages to include activities and excursions, accommodation, meals, and airport pick-up. Open to boys and girls ages 9-18.
October 15-19
5 Day Adult Golf Schools
Half day or full day instruction options available.
Accommodation packages and airport or city transportation can be arranged.
5-9 Oct
For more information contact them at 053 301 500
Email: (Golf), (Tennis)


The softball players have been playing on the Payap University football pitch for a while but are currently in the process of getting their own playing field on the Payap campus. In the mean time, they are playing as usual on Sunday afternoons at 1.30 p.m. on the football pitch, and anyone is welcome to join. Recently, the Payap Softball Club has been showing up, so they have had good, spirited games.
For more information please contact Austin:


In late August the Farangutans got thumped by a very good CMU Academy team. They played three games of 30 minutes. Even though the foreigners kept the score down to a respectable 1-0 for the first two games they had five goals scored against them in the last third. It seems they are not quite up to the task of playing Chiang Mai’s young all stars.
Early September confidence was restored when the Farangutans played Chiang Mai Resin at Prem Center. In an exciting match many goals were scored, even though the play was scrappy and amateurish. Resin tried to come back but didn’t quite have the mettle at the end. Score: 7-5. Let’s hope the team can learn how to pass the ball for their next games and the upcoming tournament at Prem.
The foreigners then played a week later against the Suthep FC third team. In a competitive game the farang went 4-2 behind to come back and take the game 5-4, scoring goals in the dying seconds.
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