City News Chiang Mai

 |  February 26, 2013

CityNews, Chiang Mai’s first daily-updated English language online news site brought you the city’s biggest news events last month, as well as some hard-hitting feature stories that we hope you enjoyed.

So, what happened in Chiang Mai last month? The weather changed, and so it was feared that as summer came there would be more pollution, but as I write this in mid-February it is looking like there isn’t much…so far. Maybe the government measures have worked? We will wait and see.

There seemed to be a lot of crime in February, maybe something to do with the weather, who knows.

We also found some great new writers and bloggers, all of whom have had books published on Asian-related topics, so check them out.

Here are a few stories that many people followed:


A story of a foreign expat trying to save his foundation, which has helped many disabled and  underprivileged Thais:

Local Chiang Mai Foundation for Disabled Persons Says They Continue to Be Harassed by Neighbours

“These individuals aggressively dislike the presence of disabled persons,” Willcox said, “even though many of our free services directly benefit the whole community and the Thai government itself”.


A few stories revolved around this case, which is something the whole of Thai media is talking about:

Thailand’s Lèse Majesté Laws – When Freedom of Expression Meets the Middle Way”

I completely support critical commentary on journalists’ coverage of Thai politics and the monarchy. But I don’t support the fundamentalist vilification of journalists – especially a fine journalist like Nirmal Ghosh – because they have different opinions, or have made different judgments about the path to political reform.”

Only time will tell who is right.


A horrible attack on a young man:

Four Men Arrested for Vicious Throat Cut Attack

“Chiang Mai Provincial Police held a press conference after the arrest of four suspects in the case of a young man’s throat being slashed in an execution style.”


CityNews went to Yangon!

Chiang Mai CityNews at the Irrawaddy Literary Festival

“For most people attending the festival, the main draw was Aung San Suu Kyi who was stalked by a madding media circus and surrounded by hundreds of followers who were close to breaking down doors to see their light of Myanmar.”


Terror attacks in Chiang Mai?

Terror Threat at US Consulate in Chiang Mai Possibly Linked to Al-Qaida

“Prime Minister Yingluck confirmed that she had ordered security agencies to step up security at the consulate in fear of attacks.”


Good news here:

Free WiFi in Chiang Mai

“It will be available in 50,000 spots all over Thailand, and Chiang Mai will be the first city to get it up and running. The service is free and gives users 30 minutes of internet connection per day or 15 hours per month.”

Of course we had many other news stories and lots of great opinion pieces, blogs, photographs and more. The number of readers just keeps growing and we keep adding new bits to the site. In fact, now you can leave comments anonymously and don’t need to be signed up for Facebook. See you next month.

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