City News Chiang Mai

 |  January 28, 2013

CityNews, Chiang Mai’s first daily-updated English language online news site brought you the city’s biggest news events last month, as well as some hard-hitting feature stories that we hope you enjoyed. 

Last month, though the parties, frivolities, and decadence were fun, there was also quite a few accidents, injuries as well as drunks doing bad things. It was a good/bad month. Bodies were strewn in the streets, but the turkey was pretty tasty. That’s the festive season for you.


Our biggest story this month was about a man who was arrested for alleged child abuse: 

German Arrested in Connection with Luring Young Boys Back to His House for Sexual Services

“Police Region 5 reported that they had Hicker under surveillance for some time before the arrest, as they suspected that he had been luring 12-15 year old homeless children back to his house and sexually assaulting them.”

Michael Hicker is currently out on bail awaiting a court date.


The follow-up, written by the CityNews editor, was our most-read opinion piece:

Having Sex with Children in Northern Thailand

“I was sent an email from a ‘concerned citizen’ containing some website URLs I was told were owned by Hicker. The sites featured many pictures of scantily clad young boys. They weren’t naked, but were definitely posturing sexually.”

On a happier note, we received more news about the Bangkok-Chiang Mai high-speed train that is ‘supposed’ to be coming:

Chiang Mai’s High Speed Train is Coming – choo, choo

“‘The first route is easier to build because the second route will require 40 tunnels and need to go through a lot of jungle,’ it was said at the meeting. The total cost of this project will be 300 billion baht. Construction will take seven years.”


There has been lots of talk about the future of Thailand’s economy, good and bad. One man shared his opinion:

Thailand’s Economic Future Not Looking Good

“Thailand has to change its own spending habits – both as a state and as individual citizens – in a concerted effort to re-balance its budget before it’s too late.”

A little bit of caustic humour in our blogs by Dying Animal:

Why I Hate Thai Visa

“The admin and long-term members mostly consist of lonely alcoholic men from the far reaches of the world that have never had much control over anything but the spiders whose legs they extracted, the small dogs they tortured, and for a few months until finances were sorted, their procured online Thai brides.”


Mission Impossible? Yes, it seems so. A special agent nabbed with more drugs than a start-up Mexican cartel could handle:

Special Agent of Thai Internal Security Arrested with Huge Amount of Drugs

Mae Chan Police, with officers from the Narcotics Control Board, arrested Surapon Promwichit with 1,300,000 yaba pills and 20 kilograms of crystal meth: a haul with an approximate street value of 20 million US dollars.

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