City Buzz

 |  November 30, 2010

A stylish, breezy and scenic restaurant located alongside the Ping River should be a hit with those who enjoy eating out, drinking out, chilled live music and a great nighttime ambience. The restaurant offers river-view seating, indoor air-conditioning, and lounge sofas overlooking the Ping, or you can sit under the large rain tree in the garden. No expense has been spared – they even have a walk-in wine cellar – and this all may sound a bit posh, but it is a very relaxed, unpretentious and affordable venue. The food is European, fusion and northern Thai, with some Thai staples. Try the fusion fish, Chiang Mai sausage spaghetti, which is not only tasty but arranged beautifully. They also serve plenty of western fare, including steaks, grilled king prawns, duck breast with potatoes and more. They have a modest, but decent, wine list and about every alcoholic drink imaginable, by the glass or bottle.

Open every day 11 a.m. – midnight
Chareon Prathet Road, on the left as you leave the city, just before the
bridge that takes you to the Holiday Inn
Tel: 053 275 818, Fax: 053 275 819,

The former owner of The Rose guesthouse and restaurant has opened up a new venue. Though it might be a bit of a schlep for some, the owner, Gypsy, is confident it’s well worth the drive. Heidelberg offers mostly German fare: grilled pork knuckles, burgers, pork chops, German sausages, and lots of other German treats, as well as some Thai and British dishes. Much of their ingredients are imported or made locally by a German butcher. Pizza is also served, and seeing that the owner is a bit of a sports fanatic, you might chow down on some ‘pie’ while watching the NFL or the English Premier league. Unfortunately they no longer do their famous breakfast, but if you are into German nosh then we recommended you try Heidelberg.

Open 10.30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Mae Jo Road (on the left side, in a small shop house, just
bout a kilometre before you reach the university)
Tel: 081 883 9361

Definitely a contender for Chiang Mai’s most stylish pub, Pinocchio is sure to become one of the city’s major hang-outs giving the louder and perhaps ‘younger’ Warm Up and Monkey Club a run for their money. The owner of Pinocchio is a Thai film director, collector of retro stuff and also owns another pub in Bangkok. The Chiang Mai Pinocchio has indoor and outdoor seating. Outside is relaxed and spacious, with dimmed lighting, a bar and many tables, while the indoor is decked out with all kinds of retro bric-a-brac and cool things to look at including giant Hitchcock, Clockwork Orange, Marilyn Monroe posters, a pool table, comfortable sofas, funky lighting, a DJ booth (they assure us the DJ will play not just Thai songs but modern western indie, alternative, Britpop, grunge, rock, and stuff from the 60s, 70s, 80s) while live bands will also play – with some bands well known on the Thai rock circuit. Everything has been done right here, right down to the toilets. Loads of booze to buy by the bottle or glass, including wine, all at reasonable prices (100 baht large beers). The, mostly Thai, food is also tasty and good value. If you’re a nightlife kind of person, you have to check out this place.

Open 5.30 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.
Nimmanhaemin Soi 7
Tel: 084 658 1669, 086 348 5304

Another funky nightspot that has opened up in Chiang Mai that will impress most night revellers. With a black and white concept, decorated with loads of stills – many from part owner and movie-star Ananda Everingham’s films – and an assortment of antique movie gadgets such as amazing old movie cameras, there’s plenty to look at while you eat and drink. Another part owner is also a movie director (also owner of Pinocchio), hence the theme. There are different zones for you to choose; outside around a stylish cocktail bar, or in the air-conditioned restaurant. They have a large Thai menu with very good Thai dishes, as well as a great selection of drinks. Every Thursday there’s a Ladies Night and cocktails are only 99 baht. Live music plays most nights – theme music from both Thai and English films sung by very capable singers. Paap Pa Yon is pretty laid back, and a solid choice for a casual meal or a few drinks. The prices are great too.

Open: 6 p.m. – 1 a.m.
On Super Highway on side heading to Doi Suthep, as you pass the San Dek
intersection, stick to the left and stay there until you see Paap Pa Yon on
your left just before the Mae Jo intersection.
Tel: 053 240 123, 081 993 7989

As the saying goes, ‘real men do it outdoors’! And what a great outdoors we have, especially now that winter is here. Clean healthy and easy to use controlled heating barbeques are the way forward (and offer a feel-good factor for the pollution months ahead, as they don’t emit smoke).

The Barbecue Store Chiang Mai has the largest range of barbecues available in Thailand and while having been in business for over 12 years, they have recently started making their products available to Chiang Mai. Barbecues of all sizes for all budgets with everything backed up with international quality and safety accreditations, warranties and spares. Check out this barbie recipe;

Beer Can Chicken: Using your hooded or kettle barbeque, wash and dry your chicken, rub the skin with oil and black pepper, open and drink half a can of beer and insert the can into the chicken’s, ahem, cavity, preheat the BBQ to 200, use the external burners at medium and place the chicken upright on the cooking surface. Cover hood and leave to cook until the beer infuses the chicken into juicyness…et voila!

Tel: Ron 081 860 3608

A popular indoor bar area opens onto the spacious garden lounge lit up by twinkling lanterns…sit back and wait as the kitchen pops out one Mediterranean delicacy after the other. Zoe in Yellow has gone through a metamorphosis. The new Zoe was launched in September this year and encompasses two buildings right next to each other. Guests chill out under the sparkling lights wrapped around two tall trees in the garden. They show off on the dance floor at the club. They come here to fill their empty stomachs with homemade bread, cheese, yoghurt and more. And they party at the bar.

The Turkish/Greek inspired kitchen is open every day from noon. One especially popular item on the menu is their oval-shaped pizza with its crispy crust at reasonable prices. On Thursdays, the kitchen prepares a mezze buffet of tzatziki, pita, hummus, a variety of salads and more, starting from 7 p.m. Live music by Thai and farang bands play rock, blues and more in addition to the DJs throwing dub-step and hip-hop beats in the club. Keep an eye out for the official grand opening of the new Zoe in Yellow, which is yet to come.

Open every day 12 a.m. – 4 a.m. DJ on from 11 p.m.
Ratwitthi Road, Soi 3 (from the U.N. Irish Pub, walk straight from the moat
until the second small street on your right)
Tel: 053 418 471